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StoreWay FDA and Optima Performance Monitor
  Monitoring FDA and Optima Storage Performance
StoreWay FDA and Optima Performance Monitor
FDA and Optima Storage Performance Monitor offers performance monitoring and abnormal flow detection functions. FDA and Optima Storage Performance Navigator is used to perform in-depth analyses of data obtained and accumulated by FDA and Optima Performance Monitor and compare data accumulated at several sites.
  • Information in real time
  • Statistical data accumulation
  • Detection of jams and abnormal flows
  • In-depth analysis of databases accumulated by Performance Monitor via Navigator
  • Consolidation of several sites with Performance Navigator

      FDA and Optima Performance Monitor: the FDA and Optima site monitoring tool
    Information from FDA and Optimas controlled by FDA and Optima Storage Manager can be displayed in real time and is accumulated for monitoring the load, performance and consolidation of statistical data. This information is incorporated using units from the FDA and Optima range (1400/1500/2400/2500/2800/2900 and Optima1500/3000).
    With FDA and Optima Performance Monitor, users can investigate the causes of performance degradation and detect abnormal access flow on the application server. This module is included with the FDA and Optima Storage Manager for the FDA 2800/2900, and is optional for other arrays.

      Real-time Performance Information
    Information on the performance of physical disk or logical disk units (I/O flow, average response time) can be viewed in real time at regular time intervals.
    Graphics and digital information are also displayed.
    An upper limit can be designated for a physical or logical disk unit. When the load exceeds this threshold, a message is sent to the administrator.

      Statistical Data Collection
    Information on disk unit performance is collected and stored in a file at schedulable regular time intervals.

      Performance Analyses associated with Performance Navigator
    By collecting data accumulated by FDA and Optima Performance Monitor from various Storage Managers (a single FDA or Optima or a site with several FDA and Optimas), the Performance Navigator helps analyze performance and creates reports on the file in graphical form. This tool provides:
    - Measurement summaries
    - Detailed analyses for bottleneck detection
    - Comparative trend analyses, and more
    Performance Navigator is used to consolidate data on a PC or Windows-based server.

      Services and Support
    Bull offers professional and support services to guarantee optimal performance.
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