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Optima Remote Data Replication
  The efficient distant data duplication
Optima Remote Data Replication
The StoreWay Optima Remote Data Replication allows development of solutions focusing on data set size, distance, commit points, performance to match every situation. These data replications solutions are targeting primarily either computation geographic distribution or disaster tolerance solutions. The whole Optima line is supporting this feature from entry to very high end.
  • Asynchronous and synchronous distant replication
  • Parallel and chained replications with Promote feature
  • Consistency option for Optima3600/4600 and Optima3000
  • Replication between actual logical volumes and virtual logical volumes (thin provisioning)
  • Ability to connect and synchronize applications
  • Full replication infrastructure with other Optima software
    Software and Support
  • Software Components
  • Optima Storage Manager (including Access Control, Thin Provisioning, Power Saver)
      Optima Remote Data Replication (license)
      Optima consistency (option on Optima3000, embedded with Remote Data Replication on Optima3600 and Optima4600)
  • Storage Supported
  • Optima1600, Optima2600, Optima3600, Optima4600
      Optima 1500, Optima2000, Optima3000
    Application Server
  • OS Supported
  • Windows Server 2003, 2008 R2, Windows 2012
      Linux RHEL5, RHEL6
      SuSE SLES11
      AIX 5.3, 6.1, 7.1
      HP-UX 11i, 11i V2 on request
      Solaris 9, 10 on request
  • Software Components
  • Optima Remote Data Replication including Storage ReplicationControl CLI CD
      Optima Remote Data Replication including Storage Consistency Option CLI CD
      Storage ReplicationControl SQL Option
    Replicated volumes
     A Master Volume and a Replicated Volume may be located on any kind of RAID or pool.
    Replication can be achieved between actual logical volumes, virtual logical volumes or a mix of actual and virtual logical volumes
    Replication and cross replications
     Distant Replications are available in serie or in Parallel (limited to three Replicates). In serie, the Replicated Volume plays the role of a Master Volume either for a Local Replicate (clone) or for a next Remote Replicate on another Optima. In addition, replications may be crossed: each of two Optima could carry a Master Volume each, and a Replicated Volume.
    Promote feature
     With the Optima line, the possibility to exchange Master and Replicate identity is possible, allowing better manageability and easy simulation.
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