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Optima Local Data Replication
  The full replication solution
 Optima Local Data Replication
The StoreWay Bull Optima Local Data Replication is a full data on-line replication. It enables new application tests at no risk, on an active set of data, in addition to shorten the back-up window time. Production applications could be easily connected and synchronized with the replication software.
  • Insure local data replication
  • Shorten back-up window
  • Creates full data set for application testing
  • Ability to connect and synchronize applications
  • Full replication infrastructure with other FDA and Optima software
  • Large interoperability

      Local Data Replication value
    The StoreWay Bull Optima Local Data Replication allows production volume to be duplicated locally within the consolidated data storage. The replicated volume can be separated from the production volume after a data coherency point. While application continues to use production volume, replica can be used to generate data back-up, or a data set for another application or for a test. Full replication is accelerating parallel work on the same set of data, as data warehousing and data search.

      Back-up / Restore enhancements
    Back-up windows are drastically shortened, by avoiding use of the LAN as data path. Business interruption for back-up becomes negligible on the production volume. The back-up area can be centralized along with the consolidated data of several servers. In case of trouble on the production volume, restore can be applied immediately. Local Data Replication can be used in conjunction with the Dynamic Snap Volume, in such a way that full Back-up is done with Local Data Replication and incremental with Dynamic Snap Volume.

      Parallel operations
    After separating a consistent replicated volume, a lot of various operations can be performed in a desynchronized way versus the running application. Repeated tests with updated (resynchronized) data are possible by using a restored copy without interaction with the master volume. Test of new applications on an updated data set, warehouse data studies, are examples that can be performed eliminating disk access contention and deadlocks. As well, Concurrent batch processing using a replicated volume significantly reduces processing time and allows back-up to be done while batch is running.

      Full management with Optima Storage Manager
    The Optima Storage Manager Server and software is the Single point of management of the Optima storage family. While it allows configuring the storage, shows operating condition and displays performances, it manages the whole Optima replication products.
    As an example, in conjunction with Remote Data Replication software, it allows multi-sites local and distant replications
    Specific Controls and application synchronizations are implemented in the selected application server.
    Clients access the Optima Storage Manager via Ethernet link, via Pc or servers.

      Support and services
    Bull provides professional and support services to implement, train and deploy specific replication solution.
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