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Optima Dynamic Snap Volume
  Instantaneous Point-in-Time copy
Optima Dynamic Snap Volume
StoreWay Optima Dynamic Snap Volume (DSV) data snapshot software for FDA and Optima storage arrays enables instantaneous point-in-time copy of primary data. Data images can be maintained within sixteen rotating generations, stored in an optimized snapshot area on the FDA and Optima disks.
  • Management of up to 16 Snapshots
  • Optimized use of disk capacity
  • Integration with Back-up software
  • Application Integration and synchronization
  • Full replication infrastructure with the FDA and Optima software
  • Heterogeneous server support
    Software and Support
  • Software Components
  • Optima Storage Manager (including Access Control)
      Optima Dynamic Snap Volume (DSV license included with LDR license)
  • Storage Supported
  • Optima1600, Optima2600, Optima3600, Optima4600
      Optima1500, Optima2000, Optima3000
    Application Server
  • OS Supported
  • Windows Server 2003, 2008 R2, Windows 2012
      Linux RHEL5, RHEL6
      SuSE SLES11
      AIX 5.3, 6.1, 7.1
      HP-UX 11i, 11i V2 (on request)
      Solaris 10, 11 (on request)
  • Software Components
  • Optima Dynamic Snap Volume including Storage SnapControl CLI CD
    Snapshot Operations
      Snapshot Create
    Snapshot is created instantaneously from Master volume.

    Snapshot Delete
    Recovery of snapshot disk area through the deletion of old snapshots.

    Snapshot Restore
    Master volume is restored instantaneously from the any generation of snapshot.
    Link Volume
     One of the best features is the Link volume to give indirect access to an application with a snap. The created volume is accessing in writing the snap and as well the Master Volume, limited to test purpose (the Master Volume is obviously not updated).
    Snapshot Configuration rules
     The snapshot reserved area is available on RAID5 and RAID6.
    Snap area zone should be allocated according to Master volume size. Example: MV is 2 TB, for 8 generations, allow 20% for snap reserved area.
    Business application and back-up application should be located in different servers.
    Master Volume and Replication Volume can be located on all types of RAID and pool.
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