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Optima Dynamic Snap Volume
  Instantaneous Point-in-Time copy
Optima Dynamic Snap Volume
StoreWay Optima Dynamic Snap Volume (DSV) data snapshot software for FDA and Optima storage arrays enables instantaneous point-in-time copy of primary data. Data images can be maintained within sixteen rotating generations, stored in an optimized snapshot area on the FDA and Optima disks.
  • Management of up to 16 Snapshots
  • Optimized use of disk capacity
  • Integration with Back-up software
  • Application Integration and synchronization
  • Full replication infrastructure with the FDA and Optima software
  • Heterogeneous server support
    StoreWay Optima Dynamic Snap Volume (DSV) provide data image management that can be easily integrated with back-up software. In conjunction with Local Data Replication software, it enables full data-set back-up management. Through simplified back-up software integration and synchronization with the replication software, data-set specific backup policies can de defined.

      Multi-generation Snapshots
    The Snapshot function enables the creation of Master Volume (logical disks) snapshots through fast and simple-to-use operations. It allows non-disruptive backup operations with a very small backup window.
    A single master volume can be snapped with up to 16 time-stamped periodic generations. The generation control function performs a refresh for backup operations. For any generation, the Master Volume could be reset to the past generation instantaneously for restore purposes. This feature is key to avoiding data loss. As an example a circular schedule can be automated with the repeated deletion of old generations as new ones are created.

    The snapshot can be maintained with an optimal use of disk capacity representing a fraction of the Master Volume capacity. Snapshot storage requires only the capacity of the data modified on the master volume.

      Full management with Optima Storage Manager
    The Optima Storage Manager Server and software is the single point of management of the Optima storage family. It allows the configuration of the storage system, displays the operational status and displays performance information. It manages all the Optima replication products through the display, configuration and control of data replication operations. Specific controls and application synchronizations functions are available on the application server hosts.

      Production Application Integration
    Control of Snapshot operations is performed through customized scripts allowing production applications to be integrated and synchronized with backup software. Backup operation can be prioritized and fully automated. The results of backup operations are displayed for the storage administrator. In errors situations, key information is highlighted.

      Services and Support
    Bull provides professional and support services to implement, train and deploy specific replication solution.
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