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StoreWay Optima Storage Manager
 • The Optima Storage Manager
StoreWay Optima Storage Manager
Optima Storage Manager is an administration tool that enables users to configure and monitor the status of Optima disk Arrays, and allows the management of all the software features of the Optima.
  • Optima unique Storage Administration Point
  • Real-time activity display
  • Collaboration with system management software
  • Server access management
  • Data replication software administration
  • Performance monitoring and analysis (performance option)
  • SSD cache management
  • Auto-tiering management

      Storage Array Configuration
    Optima storage management application brings a complete set of features providing a total management of the Optima storage systems. It handles the configuration and support of management operations such as error handling, performance and capacity observation and optimization, replication and backup for data protection, etc. and achieves a highly efficient storage application management. This management application allows users to structure storage, define LUNs, structure pools (all dynamic pools), define IP addresses, SNMP traps, isolate data zones (LUN masking: Access Control function).

      Real-time Activity Display
    Users have access to all events relating to storage or data. The configuration and structuring of data and physical and logical disk capacities are clearly indicated. Events that require the administrator’s attention, including errors, incidents and exceeding the log size-threshold, are displayed for handling.
    The administration station allows the user to organize and view the performance of connected Optimas by way of the Performance Monitor and Performance Navigator options. Products from the Bull StoreWay Storage Resource Management line can complete this information.

      Integration with System Management Software
    Event handling is supported by specifying information relationships (SNMP traps and notifications) using high-performance system management software, such as Bull System Manager, and escalating events and errors to system logs.
    Alerts can be escalated to the Bull support team and events registered immediately. A 24x7 monitoring service is also available to provide round-the-clock support from Bull.

      Data Replication Software Administration
    The data replication infrastructure, supported by optional applications ’’Optima Local Data Replication” (clones and snapshots), “Remote Data Replication” including the Consistency Option, and software enabling the synchronization and integration of replication tools with applications on the production servers, is managed by StoreWay Optima Storage Manager. This enables the users to manage licenses and centrally administer deployment of the replication solution.

      SSD management and Data Allocation management
    Optima Storage Manager allows the configuration of the SSD cache and the definition of the LUNs which will take benefit of this performance acceleration. The Data Allocation management defines the user requirements of the LUN to be moved to SSD drives for speed acceleration or to NL-SAS drives for cost optimization.

      Services and Support
    Bull offers professional and support services to guarantee optimal performance.
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