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StoreWay™ Multipath for Linux
 • Secured disk access
StoreWay™ Multipath for Linux
SAN connectivity needs stability, simplicity and consistency. Business continuity for applications is more and more critical. StoreWay Multipath for Linux brings performance and robustness of the physical links between servers and Fibre-Channel storage arrays, which are becoming key factors for a well designed and easy-to-manage IT environment.
  • Failover or Round-robin path selection policies
  • Automatic failover and path recovery
  • Qualified for High Availability solutions
  • Integrated with major Linux releases
  • Compatible with Intel based servers including 64 bits architectures support
    Software and Support
  • OS on Server
  • Support of Linux RedHat RHEL5, RHEL6
  • Storage Supported
  • StoreWay Optima1600/2600/3600/4600, Optima 1500/1500i, Optima2000/2000i/2000c, Optima3000 disk subsystems
    Linux 2.6 kernel
     The device-mapper framework of Linux kernel v2.6 defines and delivers a fully new I/O architecture for Linux, where accesses and drivers/adapters technology are hidden to end-users, so provides a common user visibility and interface to devices.
    This kernel extension has a modularized architecture, where specialized modules can be added to insert new features in the I/O path, such as mirroring, snapshot, cryptography and multipathing. They all provide the basic code, inside the Linux kernel, to deal with these functions, and relay on external user-space packages and applications for configuration, administration and management.
    Device mapper comprehensive tuning
     The StoreWay MultiPath for Linux product relies on the multipathing module delivered besides the device-mapper, providing the right installation and configuration procedures.
    Documentation explains how to use the device-mapper devices directly in application, or thru the volume manager.
    High availability SCSI3 reservation support
     The SCSI reservation feature includes a configuration file, GUI or command-line interface for configuration and displaying, and the interface specification for inclusion into existing products. It provides full SCSI-3 reservation mechanisms: shared/exclusive reservation setting on disk devices using reservation keys, a break-reserve command, and status displaying command.
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