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 • Simplified and centralized management for your storage infrastructure
An integrated hardware/software storage solution that uses virtualization technology to simplify the storage infrastructure, reduce the costs of managing storage and enable businesses to grow their storage environments without disrupting their applications.
  • Combine storage capacity from multiple disk systems into a reservoir of capacity that can be managed more efficiently
  • Help increase storage utilization by providing host applications with more flexible access to capacity
  • Help improve storage administrator productivity by automating provisioning and enabling management of heterogeneous storage systems using a simple common interface
  • Support improved application availability by practically eliminating storage related causes of application downtime
  • Enable a tiered storage environment in which the cost of storage can be better matched to the value of data
  • Support advanced copy services from higher tolower cost devices and across storage systems from multiple vendors
  • Reduce costs and improve flexibility with iSCSI host attachment
  • Enable greater flexibility in storage acquisitions
  • Deliver ultra-high performance for critical workloads with innovative and tightly integrated support for solid-state devices (SSDs)
  • Help improve storage efficiency with real-time compression
  • Cache Memory
  • 24 GB cache per node (mirrored per I/O group)
  • Interface to Hosts
  • iSCSI @ 1Gb, iSCSI @ 10Gb (option); FCoE with 10 GbE ports (option); FC @ 8Gb/s: 2 per node, 4 per I/O group, 16 per cluster
  • Interface to Disks
  • FC @ 8Gb/s: 2 per node, 4 per I/O group, 16 per cluster; Up to four 200GB or 400 GB SSD (Solid State Disks) per node
  • Copy Services
  • Copy data across multiple storage subsystems with FlashCopy: up to 256 targets from a single source; Multi-Target Reverse FlashCopy; VDisk mirroring; Easy Tier; Nondisruptive volume moves across clustered systems; Copy data across metropolitan (Metro Mirror) and global distances; (Global Mirror) as needed to create high-availability storage solutions; Multiple Cluster Mirror; Management using SSPC (System Storage Productivity Center) console
  • Max Cluster nodes
  • 4 I/O groups of 2 nodes = 8 nodes
  • Managed Disk Group
  • 256
  • Managed Disks (Mdisks)
  • 4096
  • Managed Disk Size
  • up to 1 PB
  • Adressability
  • up to 32 PB usable capacity
  • Host Servers / Cluster
  • 1024
  • Virtual Disk Size
  • 16 MB up to 2 TB (512 MB extent), 256 TB (2 GB extent)
  • Virtual Disks (Vdisks)
  • 2048 Vdisks per I/O group; 8 192 Vdisks per cluster
  • Vdisk / Host
  • 512
  • Storage engine
  • 1U, 19-inch EIA compliant -Intel Core Xeon 5600 Series quad-core processor (CG8 is based on the IBM System X3550 M3)
    º Size (HxWxD) 4.3x44.0x73.7 cm (1.7x17.3x29 in)
    º Weight 15.0 kg (33 lb)
  • UPS
  • 1U, 19-inch EIA compliant
    º Size (HxWxD) 4.4x44.0x57.8 cm (1.73x17.3x22.8 in)
    º Weight 19 kg (42 lb)
  • Master Console Engine
  • SSPC : 1U, 19-inch EIA compliant - Quad-Core Intel Xeon - 8 GB memory
    º Size (HxWxD) 4.3x44.0x71.1 cm (1.69x17.3x28.0 in)
    º Weight 15.4 kg (34 lb)
  • Master Console KVM
  • 1U, 19-inch EIA compliant - keyboard/display 17"/drawer
      Specific models of the following storage systems:
    Bull StoreWay FDA & Optima;
    IBM TotalStorage® Enterprise Storage Server®; IBM System Storage DS3000, DS4000™, DS5000, DS6000™, DS8000™, N series; IBM XIV;
    EMC Symmetrix DMX and 8000-series models; EMC VNX series; EMC CLARiiON CX-series models and FC4700;
    Hitachi Data Systems Thunder, Lightning, TagmaStore, AMS, WMS, Universal Storage Platform;
    Sun StorEdge systems, Sun StorageTek systems, FlexLine 200;
    Hewlett Packard MA8000, EMA12000, EMA16000, EVA family, MSA family, XP family;
    NetApp FAS;
    Fujitsu Eternus;
    NEC iStorage;
    Pilar Axiom;
    Texas Memory Systems RamSan 500, RamSan 620;
    Xiotech Emprise 5000;
    Compellent Fluid Data;
      IBM System Storage Multipath Subsystem Device Driver (SDD);
    Symantec/Veritas Volume Manager 3.5 MP3, 4.0, 4.1, 4.3, 5.0;
    PVLinks for HP-UX;
    MPIO for Windows® and IBM AIX®;
    MPxIO for Solaris;
    Native Netware multipathing driver for Netware;
    Native VMWare multipathing driver for VMWare ESX 2.5 and later;
    Native multipathing drivers for OpenVMS, Tru64, SGI Irix;
    RDAC multipathing software for certain DS4000 environments
      IBM AIX V4.3.3
    IBM AIX 5L™ V5.1, V5.2, V5.3
    IBM AIX V6.1
    IBM z/VSE™ V4.2
    IBM PowerVM™ Virtual I/O Server 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5
    Microsoft® Windows 2000, 2003 and 2008
    Microsoft Hyper-V
    Novell NetWare V6.5
    Sun Solaris 8, 9, 10
    VMware ESX 2.1, 2.5.2, 2.5.3, 3.0.2, 3.5, 3i
    VMware vSphere™ 4
    HP-UX 11.0, 11i V1, V2, V3
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, Advanced Server 2.1, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0
    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8, 9, 10, 11
    Citrix Xen Server
    HP Tru64 5.1A, 5.1B
    HP OpenVMS 7.3-2, 8.2, 8.3
    SGI Irix 6.5.28, Altix SLES 9
    Mac OS X Server 10.5
    IBM N series Gateways
    NetApp V-Series
    ONStor Clustered NAS Gateway
      Brocade; McDATA; Cisco; CNT
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • UL, FCC, CE, RoHS
  • Standard Warranty
  • Hardware: one year - 9x5 Next Business Day On site ;
    Software: one year of maintenance included- software upgrades and fix packs available through Web download, may-be installed non-disruptively
  • Warranty Extension
  • 4 hour, 7x24 onsite response (depending on location)
      Customer engineer (CE) installation; Consult and design; Integrate and deploy; Operate and manage
     Disk Storage
    StoreWay (Flash)
    StoreWay (Optima)
     Backup & Archive
    Virtual Tape
     Networks & Management
    SAN Switches
    Ethernet Fabric
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