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 • Simplified and centralized management for your storage infrastructure
An integrated hardware/software storage solution that uses virtualization technology to simplify the storage infrastructure, reduce the costs of managing storage and enable businesses to grow their storage environments without disrupting their applications.
  • Combine storage capacity from multiple disk systems into a reservoir of capacity that can be managed more efficiently
  • Help increase storage utilization by providing host applications with more flexible access to capacity
  • Help improve storage administrator productivity by automating provisioning and enabling management of heterogeneous storage systems using a simple common interface
  • Support improved application availability by practically eliminating storage related causes of application downtime
  • Enable a tiered storage environment in which the cost of storage can be better matched to the value of data
  • Support advanced copy services from higher tolower cost devices and across storage systems from multiple vendors
  • Reduce costs and improve flexibility with iSCSI host attachment
  • Enable greater flexibility in storage acquisitions
  • Deliver ultra-high performance for critical workloads with innovative and tightly integrated support for solid-state devices (SSDs)
  • Help improve storage efficiency with real-time compression
    The IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller (SVC) is a storage virtualization system that enables a single point of control for storage resources to help support improved business application availability and greater resource utilization. The objective is to manage storage resources in your IT infrastructure and to make sure they’re used to the advantage of your business and do it quickly, efficiently, in real time,while avoiding administrative cost. SVC supports attachment to servers using iSCSI protocols over IP networks, which can help reduce costs and simplify server configuration. iSCSI attachment avoids the cost of fibre channel host bus adapters (HBAs) in servers and reduces the need for fibre channel switch ports. This new capability may be particularly attractive for Blades servers configurations.

      Scalability and performance
    SAN Volume Controller combines hardware and software into an integrated, modular solution that is highly scalable. An “I/O Group” is formed by combining a redundant pair of “storage engines”based on IBM Systemx server technology with an Intel Xeon 5600 2.4GHz quadcore processor, 24GB of cache, four 8 Gbps Fibre Channel ports and 2 10 Gb iSCSI (optional). Highly available I/O Groups are the basic configuration element of a SAN Volume Controller cluster. Adding I/O Groups to the cluster is designed to increase cluster performance and bandwidth.
    SVC supports solid-state drives (up to 4 per node). SVC is designed to deliver outstanding performance with SSDs for critical applications, up to 80 k read IOps with response time around 1 ms.
    SVC 6.1 adds the Easy Tier capability which automatically identifies highly-active data within volumes and moves only the active data to SSD.

      Increase utilization
    SAN Volume Controller is designed to help increase the amount of storage capacity that is available to host applications. By pooling the capacity from multiple disk systems within the storage area network (SAN), it helps enable storage administrators to reach beyond traditional “islands” of SAN storage and deploy storage in ways that can help best meet the needs of host applications.

      Replication services
    With many conventional SAN disk arrays, replication operations are limited to in-box or like-box-to-like-box circumstances. Functions from different vendors can operate in different ways, which makes operations in mixed environments more complex and increases the cost of changing storage type. But SAN Volume Controller is designed to enable administrators to apply a single set of advanced network based replication services that operate in a consistent manner regardless of the type of storage being used.

      Improve energy efficiency
    Many data centers today are focusing on reducing their energy usage to reduce costs and out of concern for the environment. SAN Volume Controller can be a key tool to help you improve the energy efficiency of your data center. SVC can help improve energy efficiency in many ways, one of which is that SVC can help increase the utilization of storage and reduce requirements for additional storage in the future, which can help reduce the total amount of storage required and so helps reduce energy use. The Space-Efficient Virtual Disks and Space-Efficient FlashCopy functions are designed to extend this benefit even further.
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