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novascale BL265
 • High-performance application and consolidation server
novascale BL265
The novascale BL265 is based on the new Intel architecture, codenamed Westmere. It provides increased memory capacity and direct access by the Intel Xeon 5600 processors through Quickpath interconnect technology. The fourth generation of novascale blade servers ensures the continuation of its investment protection by inserting into any Bull Blade Chassis.
  • Upcoming Intel Xeon 5500 architecture
  • Increased memory capacity, performance and power management for Virtualization needs
  • Hot-swap SAS, SATA or SSD disks
  • mix and match with any Bull blade generation
  • Investment protection
    Windows Server 2008Windows Server 2003RedHatSuSESAPVirtualized WMWAREXeon Inside 2009Citrix ready

      Outstanding performance per Watt
    Providing faster access to more memory capacity, while lowering the blade server power consumption at any charge will be provided by the NovaScale BL265.
    The fourth generation provides even higher levels of availability with hot-swappable SAS or SSD disks and security with the implementation of TPM 1.2. This blade server provides an optimum performance, availability and security for Virtualization, ERP application servers, Java applications or Service Oriented Architecture environments.

      Storage versatility
    The NovaScale BL265 can be upgraded, providing more I/O and storage capacity. The platform can grow with your needs, without investing in new architectures.

      Simplified deployment to lower TCO
    With Bull’s unique, and easy to use Rapid Deployment Solution, migrating to Bull Blade Series from any kind of platform becomes very simple. Move directly to Virtualized environment with the built-in P2V functions, or deploy application images on IP or FC SAN infrastructures are standard supported.
    The deployment of new infrastructures is simplified with Bull’s unique R@ck ‘n Roll program, providing turn key complete solutions around the globe.

      Bull System Manager
    Bull Blade Series are managed by Bull System Manager, the only Open Source based solution which manages any system running VMWare, Linux, Windows or AIX, providing a flexible and cost effective system management solution for the IT infrastructure.
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