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novascale BL265+
 • Maximize your virtualization experience
novascale BL265+
The novascale BL265+ is based on the new Intel architecture, codenamed Westmere. It provides increased memory capacity with 18 DIMM slots and direct access by the Intel Xeon 5600 processors. The fifth generation of NovaScale blade servers ensures the continuation of its investment protection by inserting into any Bull Blade Chassis.
  • Increased memory capacity (up to 144GB) for more virtual machines
  • Increased performance with new Intel Xeon 5600 processors (Westmere)
  • Increased energy efficiency with new Intel Xeon 5600 processor (Westmere)
  • Improved performance, durability and energy efficiency with new 1.8’’ SSD drives
  • Reduce your OPEX by reducing your licences fees
  • Investment protection by keeping your existing environment
  • Interoperability by mixing and match with any Bull blade generation
  • novascale BL265+ is easy to deploy with Rapid Deployment Solution
  • novascale BL265+ is easy to administrate with Bull System Manager
    Windows Server 2008RedHatSuSESAPVirtualized WMWAREXeon Inside 2009Citrix ready
       • Regulatory compliance CE, TÜV/GS compliance  
    OS Certified
          • 5600-4cores
          • 5600-6cores w2k8-x86, w2k8-x64 & w2k8-R2
     Red Hat
          • RHEL5.4 for i386 and x86_64
          • RHEL4.8 for i386 and x86_64
          • SLES 11 SP1 x86
          • SLES 11 SP1 x86-64
          • SLES 11 SP1 x86-64 Xen
          • SLES 11 SP1 x86-64 KVM
          • SLES 10 SP4 x86
          • SLES 10 SP4 x86 Xen
          • SLES 10 SP4 x86-64
          • SLES 10 SP4 x86-64 Xen
    Software Certified
          • XenServer 5.6 Feature Pack 1and 5.6 SP2
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