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novascale BL275+
  Outstanding performance with novascale BL275+
novascale BL275+
The novascale BL275+ offers great performance balanced with flexible configuration options and simple management in an efficient server designed to run a broad range of workloads exceptionally well.
  • New Intel (R) Xeon (R) E5-2600 V2 generation processors
  • Investment protection by keeping your existing environment
  • Interoperability by mixing and match with any Bull blade generation
  • novascale BL275+ is easy to deploy with Rapid Deployment Solution
  • novascale BL275+ is easy to administrate with Bull System Manager
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    A feature-rich design enables the BL275+ to run a broad range of workloads, including infrastructure, virtualization, and enterprise applications.
    An extensive choice of processors, memory, internal storage, and I/O options allows flexible configurations.
    The novascale BL275+ is supported in all Bull Blade Chassis.

      Easy to use
    Two hot-swap storage bays support SAS and SATA (which includes solid-state) drives, enabling drives to be removed easily for quick replacement.
    An optional embedded hypervisor helps enable "instant virtualization".
    The Integrated Management Module provides remote supervision and cKVM functions as standard.
    Light path diagnostics and Predictive Failure Analysis help enable quick serviceability and maintenance.

      Performance optimized
    Next-generation Intel Xeon processors
    High memory capacity with 16 DDR3 VLP memory DIMM slots supporting up to 256 GB of DDR3 memory
    High-speed I/O on the blade that supports up to 40 GbE to each blade and up to a total of eight ports of I/O per blade
    Support for running two DIMMs per memory channel at 1333 MHz

      Power and cooling features
    Optional low-power processor, solid-state drives, and low-power memory DIMMs
    Energy-efficient 1.35 volt memory DIMM support
    Innovative component layout and blade design to help keep the blade up and running even under demanding conditions
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