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novascale BL465
 • Pay-as-you grow virtualization blade server
novascale BL465
The novascale BL465 server is based on the new Intel architecture, codenamed Westmere EX. It provides increased memory capacity and direct access to memory by the Intel Westmere EX processors. The novascale BL465 provides the ability to increase CPU and memory capacity. The fifth generation of novascale blade servers ensures the continuation of its investment protection by inserting into Bull Blade Chassis - Enterprise.
  • Scalable server up to 4 sockets Westmere EX (40 cores)
  • Increased memory capacity to support more and larger virtual machines
  • Pay as you grow memory and processor capacity increase
  • Reduce your OPEX by reducing your licenses fees
  • Investment protection by keeping your existing environment
  • Supporting the fastest Intel processor : Westmere EX
  • Increased performance for more Virtualization needs
  • Interoperability by mixing and match with any Bull blade generation
  • A green server with new power management capabilities
  • A reliable server with new error correction functionnalities
  • novascale BL465 is easy to deploy with Rapid Deployment Solution
  • novascale BL465 is easy to administrate with Bull System Manager
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      Pay as you grow
    Thanks to its capacity in memory, I/O and processor performance the novascale BL465 is ideally suited for large virtualization or database environment. With the novascale BL465, Bull provides the ability to increase capacity when needed. The BL465 is delivered with 32xDIMM slots for up to 1024GB of RAM. The 16x I/O ports for 1/10Gb Ethernet or 8GB Fibre Channel provide the needed I/O headroom to respond to the highest levels of performance.

      Performance for multi-threaded applications
    Each of the upcoming Intel Westmere EX processors will provide between 6 and 10 cores, sharing a L3 cache. Thanks to the hyper threading functionalities into this processor, the number of threads managed per blade server can be increased to up to 64. One novascale BL465 can execute 64x threads in parallel at ones. It is particularly needed for virtualization and databases that take advantage of this enormous parallelisation performance.

      Simplified deployment to lower TCO
    With Bull’s unique, and easy to use Rapid Deployment Solution, migrating to Bull Blade Series from any kind of platform becomes very simple. Move directly to Virtualized environment with the built-in P2V functions, or deploy application images on IP or FC SAN infrastructures are standard supported. The deployment of new infrastructures is simplified with Bull’s unique R@ck ‘n Roll program, providing turn key complete solutions around the globe.

      Bull System Manager
    Bull Blade Series are managed by Bull System Manager, the only Open Source based solution which manages any system running VMWare, Linux, Windows or AIX, providing a flexible and cost effective system management solution for the IT infrastructure.

      Power management capabilities
    With the new Intel Xeon Westmere EX processors, the novascale BL465 is providing new power management capabilities. If a core or a processor is not needed, it can now be shutdown directly reducing the energy consumption.
    This new functionality combined with the existing green benefit of the Bull Blade series environment (40% to 70% less energy than 1U rack servers) makes novascale BL465 one of the greenest server.
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