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Escala BL2-700
 • Doing more with less
Escala BL2-700
The new Power7-based blades from Bull: the newest addition to the Bull Blade Series, take simplified computing up to the next level. With the ease of interchangeable parts, the Escala blade servers provide the same reliability, resilience, flexibility, availability and virtualization capabilities as the bigger members of the Power7 family.
  • 8 core server
  • The same reliability, resilience, flexibility, availability as the Escala Power7 family
  • Designed for front-end, application servers, database with small workload granularity
  • Strong virtualization capabilities
  • "Greener" than ever
    Power 7Power VM

      Extreme adaptability
    Companies will be able to adapt their infrastructure to their computing needs with little effort. These new blades are ideally adapted for the edge server, infrastructure and mid-tier application domain of the data center.
    They help achieve better cost effectiveness through improved operating efficiency, deployment flexibility, and simplified management.
    The Escala blade servers deliver an effective scale-out architecture that enables quick response to changing business conditions.
  • Cost efficient blade solution for AIX™ application server projects,
  • Highly advanced Integrated Virtualization capabilities (PowerVM).

  •   High Performance
    For success in demanding IT environments, organizations require innovative servers delivering high performance with optimum value for money.
    Escala BL2-700 combines support of AIX6™ and PowerVM virtualization into single, highly reliable, blade servers.
    Thanks to Power7’s innovative chip design, these new blade servers provide a leap in performance capabilities compared to previous generations.

      Global investment protection
    Today’s data center environment is more complex than ever before. Data center managers are required to reduce IT costs, complexity, space requirements, power consumption and heat output, while increasing flexibility, utilization and manageability. Bull Blade Series shared infrastructure helps save on power and cooling expenses.

      Customer benefits
    Escala blade server options deliver for costconscious clients. With flexibility to grow, they are the perfect choice to succeed in today’s demanding and ever-changing business environments. Escala blade servers make the perfect cost effective platform when considering consolidation and virtualization of existing AIX servers. Escala blade servers are well suited to a huge range of applications in front-end and mid-tier environments, targeting uses such as application servers, content management, collaboration servers, small to medium database etc.
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