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EMC RecoverPoint Family
 • Data availability solution with any-point-in-time recovery
EMC RecoverPoint Family
EMC’s RecoverPoint family enables any-point-in-time recovery for diversified storage environments both within and across data centers. Should your data become compromised or lost, you’ll be able to go back in time and recover that data in a consistent state. RecoverPoint technology makes data loss reversible so you can be assured your data is safe. With the RecoverPoint data availability solution, you’ll never have to worry about data protection again.
  • Implement a single, unified solution to protect and/or replicate data
  • Tailor protection and replication policies to meet business requirements
  • Recover data at the local or remote site to any point in time
  • Reduce infrastructure cost with policy driven data compression and data reduction
  • Protect VMware Infrastructure thru integration with VMware vCenter and Site Recovery Manager
  • Protect Windows 2003, 2008 and 2012 Servers thru integration with Microsoft Failover Clusters
  • Reduce operational and disaster recovery time for Microsoft, SAP, Oracle and VMware applications
  • Tight VNX integration with free software-only virtual appliance (vRPA)
  • Replicate to multiple sites
     º RecoverPoint CDP: Provides block-level local replication between LUNs in the same SAN using CDP technology that journals every write for later recovery to any point in time.
    º RecoverPoint CRR: Provides dynamic synchronous and asynchronous block-level remote replication between LUNs in two different SANs using near-CDP technology that journals groups of writes for later recovery to significant points in time.
    º RecoverPoint CLR: Provides simultaneous block-level local replication and dynamic synchronous and asynchronous block-level remote replication for LUNs with one copy residing locally in the same SAN with every write journaled, and the second copy residing remotely in a different SAN with significant groups of writes journaled. Recovery of one copy can occur without affecting the other copy.
    º RecoverPoint/Cluster Enabler (RecoverPoint/CE): Integrates RecoverPoint continuous remote replication (CRR) with Microsoft Failover Clusters on Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2012 to facilitate the failover processes for geographically dispersed cluster nodes with RecoverPoint replicated storage.
    º Policy-based management: Enables optimization of storage and network resources by managing recovery-point objectives (RPOs) and recovery-time objectives (RTOs) across multiple applications and their data.
    º Application-aware integration: Creates intelligent bookmarks for local and/or remote replication with application integration capabilities (including for Oracle, VMware, and Microsoft Hyper-V) that leverage vendor-supplied APIs, such as the Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS).
    º Self-upgradable : RecoverPoint’s simplified upgrade process allows RecoverPoint/SE customers to perform their own software upgrades.
    Reliability and Availability
     RecoverPoint technology can be configured as a RecoverPoint appliance (RPA) for maximum performance and multi-site configurations, or, for small sites or less-demanding environments, a software-only virtual RPA (vRPA) that runs on a virtual machine for maximum simplicity and low TCO. RecoverPoint features are provided by the out-of-band physical (RPA) or virtual appliance (vRPA) attached into the SAN/LAN for local storage access and into the IP WAN for remote replication and management. Highly available appliance configurations have no single point of failure.
     Each RecoverPoint physical appliance provides four physical Fibre Channel ports that are auto-sensing, supporting 2, 4, and 8 Gb/s connections. Each RecoverPoint appliance provides two 100/1000 Ethernet ports. One Ethernet port is used for management and monitoring, and the other port is used for remote replication over
    the WAN. Hosts and arrays are connected to the RecoverPoint appliance using standard Fibre Channel SANs, enabling host fan-in and array fan-out.
    If a virtual appliance is used, the connectivity between RecoverPoint and the VNX array shall be using iSCSI interface on the ESXi host server. iSCSI connectivity is required on the VNX array to connect with RecoverPoint, but there is no limitation on the connectivity between the hosts and the VNX array.
     º The RecoverPoint/SE license is an EMC VNX series and EMC CLARiiON offering that simplifies continuous data protection and replication for these arrays. This licensing option allows replication of the full array but limits local data replication onto the same array or remote replication from a single array to another single array.
    º The RecoverPoint/EX license is associated with a specific storage platform and supports local and remote replication for VMAX 10K, VMAX 20K, VMAX 40K, EMC VPLEX, EMC VNX series, and EMC CLARiiON CX3 or CX4 arrays.
    º The RecoverPoint/CL license is associated with the RecoverPoint cluster and allows replication of all array types supported by RecoverPoint technology.
  • Nb of RecoverPoint appliances per RecoverPoint cluster
  • º RecoverPoint SE/EX/CL: 2-8
  • Max LUNs supported per RecoverPoint cluster
  • º RecoverPoint SE/EX/CL: 8,192
  • Max amount of protected data
  • º RecoverPoint SE/EX/CL: Up to 2 PB (controlled by license)
  • Max number of arrays supported
  • º RecoverPoint EX/CL: Unlimited
    º RecoverPoint/SE CDP: 1; CRR or CLR: 2 (1 local, 1 remote*)
  • Max LUN size
  • 32 TB with array-based splitter, 2 TB (less 512 bytes) with other type splitters
  • Number of distributed consistency groups per RecoverPoint cluster
  • º RecoverPoint SE/EX/CL: 64
  • Number of consistency groups per RecoverPoint cluster
  • º RecoverPoint SE/EX/CL: 128
  • Dimensions (HxWxD)
  • 1.7 / 4. 32 (fits 1U slot) x 17.25 / 43.8 x 27.928 / 70.937 (in./cm). Rack : standard NEMA 19 inch
  • Weight
  • 40 lb / 18.1 kg
  • Temperature
  • Operating: 10º C to 35º C (50º F to 95º F) 0 ft
  • Humidity
  • 20% to 80% Non-condensing
  • Altitude
  • Operating: –16 to 3,048 m (–50 ft to 10,000 ft)
  • Shock
  • Operating: Half sine,3g ,11mSec
  • Vibration
  • Operating: 5Hz to 500Hz 0.21g RMS random
  • Input Voltage
  • 90/246 VAC
  • Frequency
  • 47 -63 Hz
  • Heat Dissipation
  • 2,560 BTU/hr.
  • Standard warranty
  • 1 Year Hardware Support, 9 x 5, Next Business Day
  • Note 1
  • Note: Physical Specifications, Environment and Power are given for One RecoverPoint Appliance.
  • Note 2
  • * As of RecoverPoint SP 4.01 Six arrays for VNX,VMAX and VPLEX write splitters
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