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EMC RecoverPoint Family
 • Data availability solution with any-point-in-time recovery
EMC RecoverPoint Family
EMC’s RecoverPoint family enables any-point-in-time recovery for diversified storage environments both within and across data centers. Should your data become compromised or lost, you’ll be able to go back in time and recover that data in a consistent state. RecoverPoint technology makes data loss reversible so you can be assured your data is safe. With the RecoverPoint data availability solution, you’ll never have to worry about data protection again.
  • Implement a single, unified solution to protect and/or replicate data
  • Tailor protection and replication policies to meet business requirements
  • Recover data at the local or remote site to any point in time
  • Reduce infrastructure cost with policy driven data compression and data reduction
  • Protect VMware Infrastructure thru integration with VMware vCenter and Site Recovery Manager
  • Protect Windows 2003, 2008 and 2012 Servers thru integration with Microsoft Failover Clusters
  • Reduce operational and disaster recovery time for Microsoft, SAP, Oracle and VMware applications
  • Tight VNX integration with free software-only virtual appliance (vRPA)
  • Replicate to multiple sites

      Disaster recovery made simply
    The EMC RecoverPoint solution replicates your data from any SAN-based array to any other SAN-based array over your existing Fibre Channel or IP network quickly, and cost effectively using an embedded write splitter in any combination of EMC Symmetrix VMAX, VPLEX, VNX series, or EMC CLARiiON solutions. For highest performance and multi-site configurations, choose the RecoverPoint solution that runs on a dedicated appliance to offload replication processing from the array controller. For less-demanding environments, purchase the RecoverPoint product as a software-only solution that runs on a virtual machine (VM).
    RecoverPoint provides synchronous local replication using continuous data protection (CDP), synchronous and asynchronous continuous remote replication (CRR), and concurrent local and remote (CLR) data protection. Each data protection level enables any-point-in-time recovery with journaling technology capabilities.
    RecoverPoint protects companies from data loss due to common problems such as server failures, data corruption, software errors, viruses, and end-user errors, while also protecting against catastrophic events that can bring an entire data center to a standstill.
    RecoverPoint delivers dramatic cost savings by eliminating complex, non-performing data protection schemes and application-specific point products in favor of a single, easy-to-manage local and remote replication solution. Use your RecoverPoint to replicate data to multiple remote sites for extended availability or replicate multiple remote offices to a central location. The unique RecoverPoint clustered architecture and any-point-in-time rollback capabilities make it well-suited for protecting virtualized infrastructure such as VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V, high-throughput applications, including Oracle, SAP and Microsoft Exchange . With support for heterogeneous storage, hosts, networks, and SANs, RecoverPoint ensures storage investment protection, enhances business continuity, and facilitates storage consolidation.
    The RecoverPoint RESTful API enables integration and advanced monitoring capabilities, as well as customization in areas such as reporting and manageability to give storage administrators greater control of their storage networks.

      A single solution for local data protection and remote replication
    Achieve end-to-end application data protection with RecoverPoint local and/or remote replication and recovery capabilities. Simplify management and reduce costs by using a single solution to protect the same data both locally and remotely, and you’ll be able to recover that data to any point in time.
    RecoverPoint tracks changes made to data at the block level and journals these changes using CDP technology. You can protect critical data from physical or logical failures such as server outages, data corruption, software errors, viruses, and common human errors. RecoverPoint complement your existing backup solutions, helping to eliminate loss of data that was changed between daily backups. RecoverPoint advanced data compression technologies reduce the storage required for the journal, letting you keep more data online for faster recovery.

      Point in time recovery
    RecoverPoint technology preserves the write-order of changed data across multiplevservers and storage arrays and stores it with time-specific and optional application-specific bookmarks, enabling immediate recovery to a point in time without data loss. Recover applications quickly to a selected time or event with assured consistency, even when data spans multiple heterogeneous storage volumes and servers.

      Management of RecoverPoint
    Manage your RecoverPoint solution through EMC Unisphere for RecoverPoint, an intuitive, task-drive graphical user interface (GUI) that enables even less-experienced operators to perform needed operations. RecoverPoint management features included automated discovery of LUNs and wizard-based volume protection, test, and recovery.
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