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Brocade 5100 Switch
 • A Flexible, Easy-to-Use Switch for a Variety of SAN Environments
Brocade 5100 Switch
The Brocade 5100 Switch is designed for rapidly growing storage environments combining 1, 2, 4, and 8 Gb/s Fibre Channel technology in configurations of 24, 32, or 40 ports in an efficient 1U form factor. Designed for a broad range of SAN architectures, the Brocade 5100 consumes less than 2.5 watts of power per port for exceptional power and cooling efficiency. It also features consolidated power and fan assemblies to improve environmental performance and reduce overall ownership costs.
  • Delivers full 8 Gb/s 1:1 performance for up to 40 ports in an energy-efficient, optimized 1U form factor
  • Offers best-in-class port density and scalability for midrange enterprise SAN switches along with redundant, hot-pluggable components and non-disruptive software upgrades
  • Protects existing device investments with auto-sensing 1, 2, 4, and 8 Gb/s capabilities and native operation with Brocade and Brocade M-Series fabrics
  • Features Ports on Demand capabilities for fast, easy, and cost-effective scalability from 24 to 40 ports in 8-port increments
  • Provides Adaptive Networking services, such as Quality of Service (QoS), to help optimize application performance in consolidated, virtual environments
  • Supports Fibre Channel Integrated Routing for selective device sharing while maintaining remote fabric isolation for scalability and fault isolation
  • Utilizes the Brocade EZSwitchSetup wizard to simplify installation and management, and is Microsoft Simple SAN-compatible

    To support mission-critical environments, the Brocade 5100 provides best-in-class performance for a midrange SAN switch. It features a non-blocking architecture with as many as 40 ports concurrently active at 8 Gb/s (full duplex) with no over-subscription—providing an aggregate bandwidth of 680 Gb/s. In addition, enhanced Brocade ISL Trunking enables a single logical link at up to 68 Gb/s of balanced data throughput.
    To maximize the value of virtual server deployments, the Brocade 5100 utilizes Brocade Adaptive Networking services, a suite of tools for optimizing fabric behavior and ensuring ample bandwidth for mission-critical applications. These tools currently include QoS, Ingress Rate Limiting, Traffic Isolation, and Top Talkers. For additional flexibility and value, the Broacde 5100 also provides Integrated Routing capabilities to connect switches in different fabrics.

    The Brocade 5100 is a reliable foundation for disaster recovery and business continuance with enterprise-class availability features such as hot-swappable, redundant, and integrated fan and power supply assemblies. Moreover, hot code load and activation help maximize application uptime with faster system upgrades and maintenance.
    To support SAN extension, the Brocade 5100 enables servers and storage devices to reside up to 3400 kilometers apart helping organizations to implement the most sophisticated business continuance and disaster recovery initiatives.

    The Connectrix 5100 is easy to deploy, manage, and integrate into both new and existing IT environments. With capabilities such as Ports On Demand scalability from 24 to 32 or 40 ports, the Brocade 5100 enables organizations to grow their storage networks in a non-disruptive manner. In addition, organizations can initially deploy 4 Gb/s SFPs and upgrade to 8 Gb/s SFP+ when desired.
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