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Brocade 7800 Extension switch
 • Next-Generation SAN Extension for Remote Data Replication, Backup, and Migration
Brocade 7800 Extension switch
The Brocade 7800 Extension Switch helps provide the fastest, most reliable, and most cost-effective network infrastructure for remote data replication, backup, and migration. Leveraging next-generation Fibre Channel and advanced Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP) technology, the 7800 provides a flexible and extensible platform to move more data faster and further than ever before.
  • Leverages advanced Fibre Channel and FCIP technology to enable fast, reliable, and cost-effective remote data replication, backup, and migration
  • Maximizes flexibility with an extensible hardware platform and flexible software licensing to support a broad range of SAN extension requirements
  • Offers a purpose-built FCIP SAN extension solution with up to sixteen 8 Gbps Fibre Channel ports and six 1 GbE ports in a 1U space
  • Maximizes replication, backup, and migration throughput over distance using advanced Fibre Channel frame compression, disk and tape protocol acceleration, and QoS-aware FCIP net-working technology
  • Offers FCIP Trunking and Adaptive Rate Limiting to maximize WAN link utilization and resili-ency
  • Enables consolidation while providing traffic isolation in mixed environments with Brocade Virtual Fabrics
  • • Simplifies management through Brocade Fabric Vision technology, reducing operational costs, maximizing uptime, and optimizing application performance
    Leveraging next-generation Fibre Channel and advanced Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP) technology, the 7800 provides a flexible and extensible platform to move more data faster and further than ever before. Whether configured for simple point-to-point or comprehensive multisite SAN extension, the 7800 addresses the most demanding business continuity, compliance, and global data access requirements. Up to sixteen 8 Gbps FC ports and six 1 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) ports provide unmatched FC and FCIP bandwidth, port density, and throughput for maximum application performance over WAN links.

    The 7800 is an ideal platform for building or expanding a high-performance SAN extension infrastructure for disaster recovery, data protection, and data mobility storage solutions. It leverages cost-effective IP WAN transport to extend open systems and mainframe disk and tape storage applications over distances that would otherwise be impossible, impractical, or too expensive with standard FC connections.
    Available in two configurations (the 7800 16/6 Extension Switch and the 7800 4/2 Extension Switch), the 7800 supports a variety of architectures and deployment models to address current and future SAN extension requirements. A broad range of optional advanced extension, FICON, and SAN fabric services are available to address the most challenging extension and storage networking requirements.
    The 7800 16/6 Extension Switch is a robust platform for data centers and multisite environments implementing disk and tape solutions for open systems and mainframe environments. Organizations can optimize bandwidth and throughput through sixteen 8 Gbps FC ports and six 1 GbE ports. The 7800 16/6 Extension Switch is ideal for Open systems and mainframe disk and tape extension, Multisite synchronous and asynchronous storage replication, Centralized SAN backup, recovery, and archiving, Global data and storage resource migration, distribution, and sharing.
    The 7800 4/2 Extension Switch is a cost-effective option for smaller data centers and remote offices implementing point-to-point disk replication for open systems. Organizations can optimize bandwidth and throughput through four 8 Gbps FC ports and two 1 GbE ports. The 7800 4/2 can be easily upgraded to the 7800 16/6 through software licensing, providing scalability and investment protection for growing environments. The 7800 4/2 Extension Switch is ideal for Open systems disk extension, Point-to-point synchronous and asynchronous disk replication, Global data and storage resource migration, distribution, and sharing.

    The advanced performance and network optimization features of the 7800 enable replication and backup applications to send more data over FCIP links in less time, protecting time-sensitive synchronous or other high-priority traffic, and optimizing available WAN bandwidth.
    The 7800 leverages the core technology of Brocade systems performing at greater than 99.999 percent uptime in the world’s most demanding data centers. It combines enterprise-class availability features such as hot-pluggable redundant power supplies and fans with non-disruptive software upgrades to maximize application uptime and minimize outages. These unique capabilities enable a high-performance and highly reliable network infrastructure for disaster recovery and data protection.

    Brocade Fabric Vision technology introduces a breakthrough hardware and software technology that maximizes uptime, simplifies SAN management, and provides unprecedented visibility and insight across the storage network. Offering innovative diagnostic, monitoring, and management capabilities, the Brocade 7800 with Fabric Vision technology helps administrators avoid problems, maximize application performance, and reduce operational costs. The Brocade 7800 supports the following Brocade Fabric Vision technology features:
    -Flow Monitor: Provides comprehensive visibility into flows in the fabric, including the ability to automatically learn (discover) flows and non-disruptively monitor flow performance. Users can monitor all flows from a specific host to multiple targets/LUNs or from multiple hosts to a specific target/LUN; monitor all flows across a specific ISL; or perform LUN-level monitoring of specific frame types to identify resource contention or congestion that is impacting application performance.

    -Monitoring and Alerting Policy Suite (MAPS): Simplifies fabric-wide threshold configuration and monitoring. By leveraging pre-built rule/policy-based templates, applying thresholds and alerts to ports is a simple two-step process. Organizations can configure the entire fabric (or multiple fabrics) at one time using common rules and policies, or customize policies for specific ports—all through a single dialog. The integrated dashboard displays an overall switch health report, along with details on out-of-policy conditions, to help administrators quickly pinpoint potential issues.

    -Bottleneck Detection: Identifies and alerts administrators to device or ISL congestion as well as abnormal levels of latency in the fabric. This feature works in conjunction with Brocade Network Advisor to automatically monitor and detect network congestion and latency in the fabric, providing visualization of bottlenecks in a connectivity map and product tree, and identifying exactly which devices and hosts are impacted by a bottlenecked port.

    -Integration into Brocade Network Advisor: Provides customizable health and performance dashboard views to pinpoint problems faster, simplify SAN configuration and management, and reduce operational costs.

    -Critical diagnostic and monitoring capabilities: Help ensure early problem detection and recovery.

    -Non-intrusive and non-disruptive monitoring on every port: Provides a comprehensive end-to-end view of the entire fabric using capabilities integrated into hardware, allowing sophisticated monitoring without imposing an additional burden on switches with frequent polling activity.
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