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Brocade DCX Backbone
 • A Platform for Evolving Data Center Fabrics
Brocade DCX Backbone
Brocade DCX Backbones are highly robust network switching platforms that combine breakthrough performance, scalability, and energy efficiency with long-term investment protection.
  • Provides a highly robust 8 Gbps platform in two modular form factors for enterprise data centers supporting open system and System z environments
  • Maximizes chassis bandwidth, performance, and port density with the industry’s first and only 64-port Fibre Channel blade
  • Delivers over four times the performance of competitive offerings to meet data growth and access demands, expand virtualization, and consolidate resources
  • Delivers five times the energy efficiency of competitive offerings, enabling data centers to support more server and storage equipment
  • Provides a high-density, multiprotocol platform for consolidating server connectivity using DCB and FCoE networking technology
  • Secures and protects data against threats and disasters with plug-in blades for data encryption and SAN extension
  • Enables logical partitioning of platforms and fabrics into virtual data and management domains without sacrificing performance, scalability, security, or reliability
    Brocade DCX Backbones are designed to address the data growth and application demands of evolving enterprise data centers; enable server, SAN, and data center consolidation; and reduce infrastructure and administrative costs. Built for large enterprise networks, the 14U Brocade DCX has eight vertical blade slots to provide up to 384 Fibre Channel ports using Brocadebranded 4Gb or 8Gb SFPs. DCX model feature ultra-high-speed Inter-Chassis Link (ICL) ports to connect two DCX backbones, providing extensive scalability and flexibility at the network core. At the network edge, organizations can utilize Brocade 8Gb switches, Brocade 48000 Directors, or for complete backbone-class capabilities,the Brocade DCX-4S.

    Brocade DCX models provide 256 Gbit/sec of bandwidth per slot (512 Gbit/sec aggregate data rate). When combined with unique Brocade local switching capabilities data traffic within the same port group does not consume slot bandwidth the Brocade DCX family provides over four times the performance of competitive offerings.

    Brocade DCX Backbones include a Virtual Fabrics feature that enables partitioning of a physical SAN into logical fabrics and isolation by application, business group, customer, or traffic type. Optional Fibre Channel Integrated Routing alleviates the need for special-purpose blades or routers to connect servers and storage in separate fabrics. And optional SAN extension over long-distance IP connections accelerates offsite replication, backup, and restore.
    The Brocade DCX family supports 1/2/4/8/10Gb Fibre Channel and FICON®, FCIP, and IPFC. To consolidate server connectivity using emerging Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and Converged Enhanced (CEE), organizations will simply be able to add a planned FCoE/CEE blade or connect to a planned FCoE/CEE top-of-rack switch.

    Brocade Fabric Vision technology introduces a breakthrough hardware and software technology that maximizes uptime, simplifies SAN management, and provides unprecedented visibility and insight across the storage network. Offering innovative diagnostic, monitoring, and management capabilities, Brocade DCX Backbones with Fabric Vision technology help administrators avoid problems, maximize application performance, and reduce operational costs. Brocade DCX Backbones support the following Brocade Fabric Vision technology features:
    -Flow Monitor: Provides comprehensive visibility into flows in the fabric, including the ability to automatically learn (discover) flows and non-disruptively monitor flow performance. Users can monitor all flows from a specific host to multiple targets/LUNs or from multiple hosts to a specific target/LUN; monitor all flows across a specific ISL; or perform LUN-level monitoring of specific frame types to identify resource contention or congestion that is impacting application performance.
    -Monitoring and Alerting Policy Suite (MAPS): Simplifies fabric-wide threshold configuration and monitoring. By leveraging pre-built rule/policy-based templates, applying thresholds and alerts to ports is a simple two-step process. Organizations can configure the entire fabric (or multiple fabrics) at one time using common rules and policies, or customize policies for specific ports—all through a single dialog. The integrated dashboard displays an overall switch health report, along with details on out-of-policy conditions, to help administrators quickly pinpoint potential issues.
    -Bottleneck Detection: Identifies and alerts administrators to device or ISL congestion as well as abnormal levels of latency in the fabric. This feature works in conjunction with Brocade Network Advisor to automatically monitor and detect network congestion and latency in the fabric, providing visualization of bottlenecks in a connectivity map and product tree, and identifying exactly which devices and hosts are impacted by a bottlenecked port.
    -Integration into Brocade Network Advisor: Provides customizable health and performance dashboard views to pinpoint problems faster, simplify SAN configuration and management, and reduce operational costs.
    -Critical diagnostic and monitoring capabilities: Help ensure early problem detection and recovery.
    -Non-intrusive and non-disruptive monitoring on every port: Provides a comprehensive end-to-end view of the entire fabric using capabilities integrated into hardware, allowing sophisticated monitoring without imposing an additional burden on switches with frequent polling activity.

    Brocade DCX Backbones are highly effective at reducing power consumption, cooling, and carbon footprint in data centers. While providing unmatched performance and scale, both models use less than one-half watt per Gbit/sec making them 10 times more efficient than competitive offerings.
    To help minimize downtime costs, the Brocade DCX family builds upon years of innovation and leverages the core technology of Brocade systems performing at greater than 99.999 percent uptime in the world’s most demanding data centers.
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