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Bull blade servers
 • Modular servers for flexible infrastructures
Bull Blade Series helps your company increase productivity and optimise resources, while reducing energy consumption and managing data center sprawl. Bull blades extend your IT resources through improved operating efficiency, deployment flexibility, and simplified management.
Escala POWER
novascale Xeon
 Escala blade servers
Modular Servers for flexible infrastructures
Escala Blade solutions make adding capacity simple, affordable and cost effective. Their technology features deliver an effective scale-out architecture that enables quick response to changing business conditions.
• Cost efficient blade solution for AIX ™ application server projects
• Two or Four way SMP per blade
• Integrated Virtualization capabilities (PowerVM™)
• Designed for IT Aggregations in mid-tier environments
For success in demanding IT environments, organizations require innovative servers delivering high performance and value.

Since today’s datacenter environment is tougher than ever, clients are looking to reduce IT costs, complexity, space requirements, power consumption and heat output, while increasing flexibility, utilization and manageability.

Escala Blades are designed for large IT pools in mid-tier environments, targeting a wide of range of uses such as application servers, orchestration workflow, content management, integration broker, etc.
Bull Blade Series
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 Blade Servers
Escala POWER
novascale Xeon
 Network Fabric
Bull Blades servers
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