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 • Modular servers for flexible infrastructures
Bull Blade Series helps your company increase productivity and optimise resources, while reducing energy consumption and managing data center sprawl. Bull blades extend your IT resources through improved operating efficiency, deployment flexibility, and simplified management.
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novascale Xeon
 novascale blade servers
More productivity with fewer resources
Outstanding performance per watt and lower energy consumption
Blade servers for ERP applications, Java and Service Oriented Architecture applications as well as the consolidation of multiple servers
Reduced Acquisition Costs
Blade computing can ensure lower total cost of ownership than other types of data center computing, because the chassis, power supplies, blowers, networking switches, management module, and CD-ROM/floppy drives are shared between multiple server blades.
novascale blade servers takes full advantage of the new Intel® Xeon® core architecture and the low thermal design, making it ideal for high-performance, thermally-sensitive, space-constrained environments, helping enterprises’ IT managers to reduce power consumption and cooling cost.
Deployment Flexibility
It is easy to configure a platform running Windows® and Linux® for a variety of application needs. The blade system can be populated with various compute blades supporting various Intel® Server Processors.
Customers can choose from a variety of storage options (IDE, SCSI, RAID, networkattached, and SAN) and network fabric (Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and others in the future).
Seamless Management
Bull Blade Series is designed to seamlessly integrate into the existing management infrastructure. The Bull solution provides the hooks and interfaces needed for seamless management:
• Advanced remote management tools that enable the configuration and management of any compute blade from
anywhere via a secure browser- based interface
• Around-the-clock server monitoring and management, providing proactive alerts about the condition of every critical server component
• Automated deployment tools that speed and simplify software, firmware and BIOS installation, and OS updates across multiple compute blades
• Integrated KVM switch that centralizes keyboard, video
• And mouse communications while dramatically reducing cabling.
High Availability
The platform features redundancy across all critical components to eliminate any single point of failure.
Redundant power supplies, blowers, network switches, and switch connections keep the blade system up and running around the clock.
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