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 • Designed without compromise for unlimited innovation
Bull’s Extreme Computing solutions are built using a large choice of bullx systems, based on latest generation Intel® Xeon® processors. Specifically designed with Extreme Computing in mind, they can serve all applications.
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 bullx blade system
Designed without compromise for unlimited innovation
The bullx blade system was designed with the following principles in mind:
- Optimization and simplification of the compute node for HPC use
- Integration of several compute nodes and first-level interconnect
- Flexible structure for communication and I/O networks, for the closest fit with customer requirements
The resulting bullx blade system leverages the latest technological advances such as:
- New-generation Intel® Xeon® 5600 series processors (code-named Westmere-EP ), with Intel® QPI technology
- InfiniBand network connection through an integrated 36-ports QDR switch
-Flexible storage: choice between local HDD , or local SSD , or diskless blades
- Availability of GPU-accelerated blades (the bullx chassis can house B500 compute blades or B505 accelerated blades, or a mix of both)
Thanks to these innovations, the bullx blade system delivers:
- Improved performance (enhanced compute node efficiency, reduced latency, higher communication and I/O throughput)
- Reduced cost of ownership (fewer components, better fit of communication network, reduced installation time, improved upgradeability, power efficiency)
- Enhanced reliability (less cabling)
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