bullx systems for Extreme Computing
 • Designed without compromise for unlimited innovation
Bull’s Extreme Computing solutions are built using a large choice of bullx systems, based on latest generation Intel® Xeon® processors. Specifically designed with Extreme Computing in mind, they can serve all applications.
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 bullx supernodes
Designed without compromise for unlimited innovation
The bullx supernode family was designed by Bull’s Extreme Computing experts with the following guidelines in mind:
• Optimization, compactness and simplification of the compute node for HPC usage
• Optimization and enhanced connectivity of the service nodes
• Versatility, to support a wide range of applications, including memory-hungry code
• Expandability: up to 4 x 4-socket SMP nodes can be interconnected through a Bull-designed switch, to form a large SMP node with up to 16 sockets and 2TB of memory
Leading-edge technologies
The resulting bullx supernodes capitalize on the latest
technological advances such as:
• New-generation Intel® Xeon® processors E7-4800 family (codename: Westmere-EX), designed for high-end servers, with advanced reliability and exceptional scalability
• Intel Quick Path Interconnect protocol
• Optimized intra-node throughput and latency thanks to the bullx MPI
• InfiniBand QDR network connection
• Support for GPU systems
Thanks to these innovations, the bullx supernode delivers:
• Improved performance (enhanced compute node efficiency, reduced latency, higher communication and I/O throughput)
• Lower cost of ownership (fewer components, lower management cost, reduced installation time, power efficiency)
• Enhanced reliability (‘fat‘ nodes mean fewer nodes)
Power-conscious design
• Processor power management features
• Sleep mode
• Ultra-capacitor protecting the node from power outages up to 300ms. In areas with good quality power supplies, the ultra capacitor means a UPS is no longer needed – resulting in savings of to 15% on power consumption!
• High efficiency (+90%) power supply unit
Extreme Computing
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