bullx systems for Extreme Computing
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Bull’s Extreme Computing solutions are built using a large choice of bullx systems, based on latest generation Intel® Xeon® processors. Specifically designed with Extreme Computing in mind, they can serve all applications.
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 bullx R42x rack-mounted servers
Xeon-based servers designed for Extreme Computing
Compute nodes: ultra dense servers for cost-effective capacity computing
The bullx R424 E2 and R424 F2 servers are designed for high-level performance: high memory capacity, high-end connectivity, optimal internal storage capacity.
With 4 servers in 2U (i.e. up to 48 cores and 587.5 Gflops), the R424 E2/F2 offer outstanding density for a rack server, with all the flexibility of 1U commodity servers.
They also feature outstanding system availability, thanks to redundancy features and ease of maintenance, and the R424 F2 models add extended storage capabilities, with the support of SAS disks and RAID functions.
Enhanced nodes designed for cluster management and visualization
The bullx R423 E2 service node has advanced connectivity features, extended storage options and redundancy features to guarantee reliable cluster management services.
The bullx R425 E2 visualization node is equipped to support the latest graphics and accelerator cards.
Extreme Computing
 bullx system
Blade systems
Rack systems
Super Nodes
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