External Disk Storage
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Bulls’ extensive range of StoreWay disk products and partnerships with industry leaders enable storage solutions adapted to the requirements of HPC systems of all sizes.
StoreWay Optima
 Bull Storeway FDA
Mid-range Disk Arrays
The StoreWay FDA mid-range storage family provides flexible fibre channel SAN storage for a wide range of transactional and decisional applications. StoreWay FDA storage arrays support up to 120 disks, and with standard features including RAID-6 double parity disk protection, cache partitioning, and Phoenix preventative disk maintenance provide a robust and high-performance storage platform.

Supporting connectivity to Windows, Linux, AIX, HP-UX and Solaris application servers, and with a full range of snapshot and mirroring software options, the StoreWay FDA provides versatile enterprise-class storage.
Extreme Computing
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StoreWay Optima
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