GPUs such as those underlying NVIDIA Tesla systems are highly parallel processors designed to boost Extreme Computing applications, and derived from technologies initially developed for game machines. GPUs turbocharge system performance without requiring infrastructure changes for power or cooling, and without massive increase in the energy bill.
Implementing GPU computing is getting easier every month as new tools become available, but it is still not trivial. To help you innovate with GPUs and with maximum pay-off, Bull proposes complete GPU-based solutions with: - qualified Bull and 3rd party hardware, - integrated cluster environment, - expertise and services.
Bull porting and optimization expertise to maximize performance acceleration
Depending on the type of application and its degree of optimization, GPUs can accelerate processing by a factor of 1 to 100! Expertise is therefore essential to get the most out of GPUs. For a long time Bull has been investigating and benchmarking clusters associating GPUs and CPUs, and now places this distinctive expertise at the service of Extreme Computing customers. Bull engineers have had hands-on experience of porting and optimizing applications for GPU computing through several cooperative projects with customers, such as a cluster with 46080 GPU cores, designed by Bull for GENCI. Bull experts deliver end-to-end services, from system design to advanced user training, through application optimization for GPUs.
Seamless integration in the Extreme Computing environment
The bullx cluster suite integrates all the tools needed to operate a hybrid system comprising Intel® Xeon®-based servers and NVIDIA® Tesla™ GPUs. The task management environment supports the allocation of applications to the relevant computing resource. An application can naturally use both computing resources so as to fully capitalize on the rich potential offered by this type of cluster.
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