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Backup and Archiving
  Reliable, Long-term Data Protection and Retention
From data backup to legal archiving - Bull's family of data protection and retention products ensure that all of your needs are covered.
A wide range of data backup solutions ensure that your data assets are copied for protection against loss with a minimal impact on your IT operations - whatever the size and complexity of application and storage environment.
Bull's archiving products respond to a variety of data retention needs, allowing you to move data out of your production environment into a secured archive for future consultation - while complying with legal and corporate requirements.
Virtual Tape
 Tape Libraries
Massive capacity, cost-optimised storage
Tape storage plays a crucial role in tiered storage architectures. Whether for data backup or archiving needs, tape libraries provide reliable, removable, long-term data storage and near limitless scalability.

The Bull tape storage family covers all tape requirements, from small entry-level autoloaders to massive enterprise-class tape libraries.

As a long-standing partner Overland Storage, Bull has over 15 years experience in integrating tape technologies into open system storage infrastructures.
 Disk Storage
 Backup & Archive
Virtual Tape
 Networks & Management
Bull StoreWay solutions
Product Selector
  • Quick Reference
  • Overland NEO S T24 24 slots
  • Overland NEO S T48 48 slots
  • Overland NEO XL60
  • Overland NEO XL80
  • Overland NEO 200S 12 slots
  • Overland NEO 200S 24 slots
  • Overland NEO 400S 48 slots
  • Overland NEO 2000E
  • Overland NEO 4000E
  • Overland NEO 8000E
  • IBM TS3500
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