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Backup and Archiving
 • Reliable, Long-term Data Protection and Retention
From data backup to legal archiving - Bull's family of data protection and retention products ensure that all of your needs are covered.
A wide range of data backup solutions ensure that your data assets are copied for protection against loss with a minimal impact on your IT operations - whatever the size and complexity of application and storage environment.
Bull's archiving products respond to a variety of data retention needs, allowing you to move data out of your production environment into a secured archive for future consultation - while complying with legal and corporate requirements.
Virtual Tape
Bull’s archiving solutions respond to a variety of business challenges; improving operation efficiency by removing infrequently-consulted data from the business applications, reducing cost through the implementation of tiered storage architectures, accelerating backup and restore operations by reducing the primary storage footprint, or complying with legal and corporate requirements to securely archive enterprise data.
Through a combination of cost-effective secure storage devices and policy-based archiving software that integrate seamlessly with your enterprise applications, data of any type from virtually any application can be archived for future consultation - for however long you need
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