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Backup and Archiving
 • Reliable, Long-term Data Protection and Retention
From data backup to legal archiving - Bull's family of data protection and retention products ensure that all of your needs are covered.
A wide range of data backup solutions ensure that your data assets are copied for protection against loss with a minimal impact on your IT operations - whatever the size and complexity of application and storage environment.
Bull's archiving products respond to a variety of data retention needs, allowing you to move data out of your production environment into a secured archive for future consultation - while complying with legal and corporate requirements.
Virtual Tape
 Tape Virtualisation
Data growth and the business need to reduce backup windows and data recovery times are placing traditional tape-based backup under unprecedented pressure.

Virtual Tape Libraries (VTL) integrate seamlessly into existing tape backup environments without the need to change existing backup software and processes.

VTL reduces cost and administration by enabling backup consolidation, and brings the performance benefits of disk-based backup.
StoreWay Virtuo
Backup optimisation for mainframe and open environments
Bull’s StoreWay Virtuo solution delivers the benefits tape virtualisation in the most demanding Data Center environments.

Supporting Bull GCOS and IBM z/OS environments, as well as the open system world, Virtuo integrates seamlessly with the major backup software suites on the market
EMC Data Domain
EMC Data Domain deduplication storage systems continue to revolutionize backup, archiving, and disaster recovery with high-speed, inline deduplication.
 Disk Storage
 Backup & Archive
Virtual Tape
 Networks & Management
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