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Disk Storage
 • Affordable, Primary Information Storage
Bulls’ extensive range of StoreWay disk products and partnerships with industry leaders enable storage solutions adapted to the requirements and budget of organizations of all sizes and areas of activity.
All StoreWay and partner disk products are backed up by Bull consultancy expertise, multi-vendor integration services, and worldwide support.
StoreWay (Flash)
StoreWay (Optima)
 StoreWay FlashSystem Disk Storage Systems
StoreWay FlashSystem disk storage systems allow your data driven applications to operate at high availability and peak
performance. StoreWay FlashSystem arrays deliver extreme performance that accelerates low-latency, I/O intense applications, including online-transaction processing (OLTP) and online-analytical processing (OLAP).
StoreWay FlashSystem 700 series
Accelerate enterprise applications with extreme-performance flash storage.
The 700 series are using SLC flash technology designed specifically for sustained write-intensive workloads.
StoreWay FlashSystem 800 series
Data center-optimized to deliver extreme performance, flexible capacity and total system protection.
The 800 series are based on eMLC flash technology, ideal for the majority of business applications, databases and virtual machine image placed on all-Flash arrays.
 Disk Storage
StoreWay (Flash)
StoreWay (Optima)
 Backup & Archive
 Networks & Management
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  • FlashSystem 840 (3-year warranty)
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