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Disk Storage
 • Affordable, Primary Information Storage
Bulls’ extensive range of StoreWay disk products and partnerships with industry leaders enable storage solutions adapted to the requirements and budget of organizations of all sizes and areas of activity.
All StoreWay and partner disk products are backed up by Bull consultancy expertise, multi-vendor integration services, and worldwide support.
StoreWay (Flash)
StoreWay (Optima)
 EMC Disk Storage Systems
EMC is the world’s leading developer and provider of information infrastructure technology and solutions that enable organizations of all sizes to transform the way they compete and create value from their information.

Bull has been a worldwide EMC partner since 1993, and through its StoreWay storage integration organisation has in-depth experience of all major EMC product families including Isilon, Symmetrix VMAX and VNX.

Bull provides a full range of maintenance and EMC ASN-certified architecture and implementation services.
EMC Isilon
Scale out NAS Storage
Isilon S, X and NL Series are the perfect fit for Big Data & unstructured data consolidation projects where scalability, easiness of deployment and performance are a must.
EMC Symmetrix VMAX
Enterprise networked storage systems
Enterprise-critical applications - those which drive the core of any organisation - require the highest availability infrastructure to support the most stringent service levels.

The EMC Symmetrix VMAX storage systems deliver the performance, the capacity and the functionbality to meet the needs of the most demanding data center environments.
Unified storage systems
The EMC VNX family is based on technology innovation and unrivalled functionality to provide file, block and object-based storage.

These unified storage systems offer optimal flexibility and evolution for the mid-range storage market and their simplicity and efficiency enable the total cost of ownership to be reduced.
 Disk Storage
StoreWay (Flash)
StoreWay (Optima)
 Backup & Archive
 Networks & Management
Bull StoreWay solutions
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