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Storage Networking & Management
 • Reliable, High-performance Storage Networking
From enterprise-class SANs, to extended storage networking over FC and IP networks, to storage resource management - Bull’s Storage Networking and Management portfolio integrates external storage devices with enterprise application servers and enables end-to-end management of all components in the storage infrastructure
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 Data Replication
All enterprises, regardless of size, must provide recovery options for both applications and data. As recovery requirements become more stringent, enterprises are looking for faster, more granular data recovery capabilities coupled with automated application recovery while also providing multi-site disaster recovery (DR) solutions.

A new generation of data protection technologies address these issues by combining continuous data protection (CDP), and data replication within a single optimised solution.
EMC RecoverPoint
Intelligent data protection and recovery
EMC RecoverPoint provides continuous data protection and continuous remote replication for on-demand protection and recovery to any point in time. RecoverPoint’s advanced capabilities include policy-based management, application integration, and bandwidth reduction.

RecoverPoint enables a single, unified solution to protect and/or replicate data across heterogeneous storage. RecoverPoint simplifues management and reduces costs, recovers data at a local or remote site to any point in time, and ensures continuous replication to a remote site without impacting performance.
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