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Storage Networking & Management
 • Reliable, High-performance Storage Networking
From enterprise-class SANs, to extended storage networking over FC and IP networks, to storage resource management - Bull’s Storage Networking and Management portfolio integrates external storage devices with enterprise application servers and enables end-to-end management of all components in the storage infrastructure
SAN Switches
Ethernet Fabric
 Brocade SAN Infrastructure Solutions
Simplifying the deployment and management of SANs
SAN Directors and Switches
Brocade SAN backbones and switches provide a flexible, intelligent platform for networking storage. With models ranging from entry-level 8-port fabric switches to 384-port backbones with multiple blade options, the Brocade SAN family addresses the needs of small departments and global enterprises alike.

Fibre Channel solutions up to 16 Gb/s are available to support high-performance requirements both for open systems and mainframe operations in mission-critical environments.
SAN Extension and Routing
Brocade SAN extension and routing products meet the full spectrum of requirements to create an optimized, connected infrastructure that enables business continuity and disaster recovery. With support for multiple protocols and both open systems and mainframe environments - as well as a large suite of tested solutions with industry partners -Brocade SAN extension solutions address the widest range of business requirements.

In addition, Brocade SAN routing solutions enable consolidation and resource sharing in a highly secure and selective manner.
The Bull - Brocade partnership
Through its long-standing partnership with Brocade, Bull delivers and supports Brocade SAN infrastructure products as part of end-to-end storage infrastructure solutions.

Bull and Brocade are together delivering a new generation of storage networks based on FC over IP (FC/IP) technologies.
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SAN Switches
Ethernet Fabric
Bull StoreWay solutions
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