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StoreWay Software
 StoreWay Calypso
StoreWay Calypso
Holistic approach to data management
 •  Control the growth and cost of storage
 •  Avoid and reduce capital expenditures
 •  Speed backup and recovery
 •  Enable easy data archive
 •  Maximize the use of your storage devices and networks
 •  Gain time and cost-savings efficiencies
 •  Avoid the need for additional purchases of devices
 •  Maximize tape and disk use

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Backup Software & System
 EMC Avamar
EMC Avamar
Deduplication backup software and system
 •  Data is deduplicated at the client before transfer across the network
 •  Reduces network bandwidth for backup by up to 99 percent
 •  Global deduplication reduces total backup storage up to 95 percent
 •  Reduces backup times up to 90 percent; single-step recovery
 •  Always a daily full backup in a fraction of the time
 •  Single-step recovery
 •  Secure backup and replication for disaster recovery via existing LAN/WAN links
 •  Redundant Array of Independent Nodes (RAIN) for high availability and reliability
 •  Daily server and data recoverability checks
 •  Export backup data to tape or VTL for long-term retention
 •  In tegrated with Data Domain Systems for optimal protection storage
 •  Bull provides the support level 1 & 2 of Avamar

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Backup Software
 EMC NetWorker
EMC NetWorker
Centralized Automated and Accelerated Data Protection
 •  Heterogeneous platform and storage support
 •  Centralized Management and Control
 •  Advanced backup and replication technologies
 •  Management of virtual environments

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 Disk Storage
StoreWay (Flash)
StoreWay (Optima)
 Backup & Archive
Virtual Tape
 StoreWay Calypso 
 EMC Avamar 
 EMC NetWorker 
 Networks & Management
SAN Switches
Ethernet Fabric
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