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RSS Feeds
What is RSS ?
RSS is short for "Really Simple Syndication" or "Rich Site Summary". RSS files are formed as XML files and used to deliver a "feed" of headlines or other news items on a web page. It allows to scan information on any topics that interest you fast and easy.
RSS feeds are accessed using an RSS reader or aggregator, which allow you to subscribe to exactly the information you wish to read.
Benefit for users
 • Maximize time without having to check or be on the lookout on what’s coming
 • Easily locate information
 • Classify and categorize information in an easy way to navigate
Download a browser supporting RSS feed
Microsoft IE 7
Download a free RSS Reader
We may recommend the following RSS Readers.
RSS Bandit (RSS - for Windows)
SharpReader (RSS/Atom - Windows)
 ---> More can be found on Internet.
Download a free RSS add-in for Outlook & Outlook Express
We may recommend the following RSS add-in for Outlook and Outlook Express.
RSS Popper (for Windows 2000, XP, 2003)
 ---> More can be found on Internet.
List of RSS feeds at this site
  Bull StoreWay - Disk Storage - IBM FlashSystem
  Bull StoreWay - Disk Storage - StoreWay Optima
  Bull StoreWay - Disk Storage - EMC Isilon
  Bull StoreWay - Disk Storage - NetApp FAS
  Bull StoreWay - Backup & Archive - Libraries
  Bull StoreWay - Backup & Archive - Virtual Tape
  Bull StoreWay - Backup & Archive - StoreWay Software
  Bull StoreWay - Backup & Archive - EMC Centera
  Bull StoreWay - Networks & Management - Brocade
  Bull StoreWay - Networks & Management - Brocade Converged
  Bull StoreWay - Networks & Management - EMC RecoverPoint
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