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Services Delivery Centers

Control digital space in all dimensions
The productivity designed and implemented by Bull in its Services Delivery Centers delivers the flexibility that is demanded by the development of your information system. We support you at each step of your projects with a range of ideally modular industrialised services to meet your needs.

The creation of Services Delivery Centers at Bull is part of a story, an industrial plan and geographical complementarity.

Relying on the expertise and technological monitoring of our R&D Centers and on the high availability hosting of Cloud by Bull, Bull Services Delivery Centers offer a complete range of services in the fields of Development, Migration, Applications Maintenance, Qualification and Quality Assurance of applications as part of a truly industrial approach.

Our Services Delivery Centers are connected through a network and linked to our R&D. Based at Grenoble and employing 400 engineers, R&D explores and designs the solutions of tomorrow. It covers activities associated with our infrastructure products (Unix, Linux, HPC, Cloud), as well as our transverse software development tools (Jonas, Novaforge). It relies on partnerships with the largest ISV’s on the market (Oracle, Microsoft, SAP) and our active role in Open Source (OW2) communities.

3 axes

  1. Focus: Our Services Delivery Centers are aimed mainly at JAVA/J2EE, Microsoft .NET, PHP and SAP projects.
  2. Furthermore, Bull broke new ground by opening the first BI center, Services Delivery Center dedicated to Decision-Support Applications.

  3. Replication: capitalising on software development tools, methods and best practices coming out of our R&D and our field experience.
  4. Sharing: centralising project-focused teams and sharing the best experts in dedicated, manageably-sized platforms.

The Services Delivery Centers have been set up as part of our Business Integration Solutions strategy. It anchors Business Integration Solutions as it industrialises its operations.

It contributes to our strategy of replication, accommodating reproducible projects in our Services Delivery Centers and focus through their specialisation.

The Services Delivery Centers are the expression of an organisational trend in the market, apparent since 2008, towards centralisation and industrialisation of services. Capacity and sourcing power are markers in our industry.

Through its 7 Services Delivery Centers across the world, Bull can handle the largest multi-year projects.

Our strategy is to be positioned in added-value niche markets, with manageably-sized Centers.

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