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Control digital space in all dimensions
The productivity designed and implemented by Bull in its Services Delivery Centers delivers the flexibility that is demanded by the development of your information system. We support you at each step of your projects with a range of ideally modular industrialised services to meet your needs.

NovaForge™: the team-working and industrial platform


NovaForge is a shared industrial platform that relies on a development process based on a set of tools and used for some years by Bull R&D in its own shared development programs. As a real industrial development plant, it takes advantage of all the knowledge and tools contributed by all those involved in the project, both Front Office and Back Office.

Hosted in Bull Private Cloud, Novaforge is accessible in SaaS mode to all development teams at the Services Delivery Centers, on a Bull site or the customer’s site.
The objectives of NovaForge are:

  • To reduce the overall development workload
  • To optimise management of costs and deadlines
  • To improve the quality of deliverables
  • To help different people get involved in the project
  • To control tracking of the development process
  • To reduce risks, particularly by means of a shared vision of the parameters

Our organisation is based around a Front Office facility at our customers and/or in our Services Delivery Centers and a Back Office.

To combine the industrial scale of a Services Delivery Center with the need to work with customers’ teams, we offer to set up a Front Office / Back Office structure based on the NovaForge™ collaborative portal, so sharing a common repository of standards, methods, procedures and tools for all those people involved in the project.

Front Office: Having the Front Office close by ensures the best focus, better availability, better understanding and greater proactivity, particularly for tasks involving handling requests, steering and acceptance support.

Back Office: Outsourcing technical resources and centralising them in the Back Office at the Services Delivery Center makes it possible to gather all the operation technical resources for the project in one place, improving service continuity, shared expertise, harmonised practices and productivity.

A team is dedicated to each customer, ensuring our services are long-lasting and stable. Each team is managed by a Services Delivery Center project leader, who is the contact person for the Front Office project leader in terms of organisation, planning and tracking, and by one or more technical architects who contribute their experience and expertise to support implementation teams.

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