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Services Delivery Centers

Control digital space in all dimensions
The productivity designed and implemented by Bull in its Services Delivery Centers delivers the flexibility that is demanded by the development of your information system. We support you at each step of your projects with a range of ideally modular industrialised services to meet your needs.

Bull supports its customers in large development, rationalisation or technological innovation projects. With its experience in Java J2EE, MS .NET and PHP technologies, its commitment to the Open Source movement, and Bull’s industrial partnerships with the largest ISV’s in the market, the 7 NTIC Services Delivery Centers offer appropriate product ranges combining conventional and innovative development based on industrial tools and market standards.

Migration & Transformation of the IS.

While new technologies now allow us to build powerful, interoperable information systems, industrialisation of developments remains the key to responsiveness to meet the needs of rapid growing businesses. Bull’s NTIC Services Delivery Centers also have a role in supporting customers during migration, transformation, renewal and integration of existing applications.

AMS: Applications Maintenance Services

Third-Party Applications Maintenance complements developments made by Bull or other contractors as part of projects. It provides significant reductions in maintenance costs over time while increasing the level of service delivered by the applications.
AMS offered by Bull covers the following services:

  • Application support: User assistance, management and resolution of incidents, tracking the use of systems.
  • Corrective maintenance: Technical corrections of problems.
  • Developmental and adaptive maintenance: Implementing new functionalities identified by users for functional, technical and regulatory developments.
  • Preventive maintenance: Management of a development plan intended to improve the asset value of the application.

Applications Acceptance and Quality Assurance

The purpose of Third-Party Applications Acceptance is to ensure a service and quality level that continuously improves the asset value of the application for users. The Bull TAA proposal is based on an industrialised approach to the acceptance process and managing the degree to which requirements are covered, aimed at eliminating problems before implementation.

Our Benefits
  1. Industrialisation: Complying with CMMI, ITIL and ISO standards, our strongly-tooled approach (UML modelling, code generation, continuous integration) increase the quality of our developments while significantly reducing deadlines.
  2. Agility and responsiveness: Our high production capacity is based on dedicated teams and adaptability to large increases in workload created by projects.
  3. Flexibility: Our system derives the full benefit of Bull Group Cloud infrastructures, providing us considerable flexibility to adapt ourselves closely to our customers’ needs, at a controlled and perfectly optimised cost. Through the Group’s IaaS and PaaS capabilities, it only takes a few hours for our teams to instantiate their development, test and acceptance environments.

This Service Center model can be tailored specifically for any project when justified by the business volume or technical specificity, and located close to the customer site to be even more responsive.


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