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Pressemitteilung 6/2011

TOP500 rankings: Tera 100 once again crowned as Europe's most powerful supercomputer

Tera 100 confirms its technological leadership, having been ranked as number one in Europe for the second time.
Running 24x7 to support the CEA-DAM's nuclear deterrent simulation program, Tera 100 has enabled the development of critical technologies, subsequently adopted by numerous data centers in research and industry.

Hamburg, 20 June 2011 – The TOP500 rankings have once again awarded the title of 'Europe's most powerful supercomputer' to Tera 100. Having already been named as number one in Europe in the previous listing published in the USA, in November 2010, this confirms the leadership position enjoyed by Tera 100's technology – developed by Bull along with the teams from CEA-DAM (the Military Applications Directorate of the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) – in an ultra-competitive marketplace.

A distillation of innovative technologies

Designed for round-the-clock operation, Tera 100 is a true production system dedicated to delivering processing power and scientific computing capability. Tera 100 is a distillation of innovation technologies, whose main aim is to effectively combine performance and maximum efficiency.

Based around Tera 100's power and efficiency, over 4,000 bullx servers are grouped together into an ultra high-performance network to form a 'cluster' architecture. Designed by Bull on behalf of CEA-DAM, this server architecture follows the SMP (Symmetric Multi-Processing) model, which is perfectly suited for applications that need to run on a huge number of processors while also sharing a very large-scale main memory of up to 4TB.
The technologies developed by Bull also include water-cooled doors, which cut electricity consumption in half compared with traditional air-cooled solutions and an ultra-capacitor which is a module that cuts electricity consumption by 15%, as it does away with the need to connect to an uninterruptible power supply.

On the software front, Tera 100 is equipped with the bullx supercomputer suite, a comprehensive software suite developed in Bull's R&D labs in Grenoble. bullx supercomputer suite is designed to manage the thousands of software and hardware elements in the system, and to run even the most complex tasks requested by the system administrators and scientific researchers while delivering the highest levels of performance and service quality.

As a result, Tera 100 runs at 83.7% efficiency, making it one of the world's most efficient supercomputers and clearly illustrating the quality of its design and the work carried out by the teams from Bull and CA-DAM.

Technologies developed for Tera 100 have been applied to some of the most powerful systems in the world, such as the supercomputer at the University of Aachen, which is ranked 32nd in the TOP500 list.
Significantly, the technologies developed for Tera 100 by Bull with the CEA-DAM for the defense sector have been introduced immediately into Bull's bullx range. Research and industry can therefore benefit from them, like University of Aachen which acquired from Bull their new supercomputer. With a performance of 220 Teraflops (Linpack), it is ranked 32nd in the world, and is among the five most powerful supercomputers in Germany. Currently being installed, two petaflops-scale supercomputers, the CURIE - system developed for scientific research with GENCI, and the F4E system at Rokkasho (Japan) dedicated to the ITER fusion project, also rely on technologies developed for Tera 100.

The new TOP500 report is available on http://www.top500.org.

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