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The secure cloud

Le cloud by Bull offers access to a thousand or more of the Group’s experts to design and develop a security strategy specifically for the enterprise cloud.

Risk analysis: the Cloud Security Assessment Service uses the EBIOS method to identify risks on the basis of digital assets and business-specific constraints. Security architecture definition: security requirements are determined according to business needs, how systems will be used and the regulatory environment (processes, forms of access, etc.). The target architecture conforms to the IS security policy (ISO 27000).

Perimeter security: Bull Security Solutions provides all the security elements for a watertight system, as close as possible to the level of the data itself (monitoring tools, firewalls, intrusion detection, data leak prevention with visibull, etc.), backed up by a comprehensive access management policy (Evidian I&AM9, E-SSO, WAM).

Security for links: Bull’s TrustWay highperformance encryption tools guarantee the absolute integrity and confidentiality of your information.

Dynamic security: in terms of security, Bull adapts its solutions in real time (for example, by providing virtualized firewalls) and constantly evaluates its tools under operational conditions. At the same time, an innovative analysis solution, TrustWay Audit Manager, allows the organization to ensure that its supplier is meeting its security commitments.

Incident response: Crisis Management Service enables the necessary measures to be taken as quickly as possible as soon as an incident is detected in order to keep consequences to a minimum.

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Le cloud by Bull

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