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From server environments to middleware and services (Open Energy, VirtualShore), Bull helps businesses and public sector customers implement robust infrastructures that capitalize on the latest advances in Open Source software.

Bull is the only European supplier to be involved at all three levels in Open Source:

  • As a manufacturer, creating Open Source components as part of hardware platforms.
  • As a software publisher, developing existing Open Source components to deliver added value.
  • As an integrator, offering a wide range of services linked to Open Source software, from support to integration.

Bull is strongly involved in many Open Source communities such as the Linux Foundation, OW2, Eclipse, Apache, JCP and many others. Bull is also a co-founder of a leading global summit on Open Technologies, the Open World Forum. Discover Bull's significant contribution to Open Source communities:

Linux servers

Bull is heavily involved in a wide range of major projects dedicated to developing Linux, most notably with the Linux Foundation. This work aims to provide a high-performance Linux implementation for mission critical and compute intensive platforms.

Highly robust and scalable, Bull’s bullx, bullion, NovaScale and Escala server solutions enable organizations to make the most of Linux for their applications: whether they are front-line (portals, email, caches…), mid-tier (application servers, content management…) or central (ERP, datawarehousing, extreme computing for digital simulation…). Discover Bull's full range of servers >

Open Source software platforms and middleware

Bull is a founder of OW2 consortium, the leading international consortium in open source middleware. Bull is also a strategic partner of Red Hat/JBoss. With this expertise, Bull has developed a common middleware solutions platform – Bull Service-Oriented Architecture (BSOA) –, based on OW2 and JBoss software, that is available as part of its Open Energy offering. Bull is also involved in Apache, Eclipse, Java, and numerous other communities >

Consulting, integration and support services for Open Source software: Open Energy

From consulting to support and outsourcing, Bull helps businesses and public sector customers take full advantage of Open Source with the full quality of support you would expect from an established industry player.

Bull offers teams of consultants and engineers with comprehensive integration expertise in both open and hybrid environments. This global approach enables customers to implement infrastructures and applications that combine the latest advances in Open Source software and all the top-quality integration and support offered by Bull

Discover Bull’Open Source services offer:

Discover our insights and white papers:

Optimising storage

Optimising storage

Optimising storage

Optimising storage

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