M2M - Internet of things

For more intelligent objects.
According to IDC, M2M is the ’next big opportunity’. Bull provides the best technology and the best expertise to build trust M2M platforms, powerful, agile and secure.

In a fast-moving world, it’s hard to predict exactly what tomorrow will bring. The secret? To target precise areas promising strong ROI, but also to choose flexible and open M2M solutions that will allow you to evolve easily in line with emerging opportunities and business benefits.

Implement secure on-board systems

While on-board applications often exist already in straightforward M2M projects – where all that’s needed is to focus on service and management infrastructures – some new projects will incorporate the design and development of some highly innovative devices.

The solution? Amesys: advanced engineering services for designing objects that combine state-of-the-art intelligence and high-level security.

Bull ’s greatest asset : Amesys is a dedicated engineering center of expertise in developing critical on -board systems , combining electronics know -how and advanced applications .

Develop new value-added services

Once connected devices have been defined and designed, the key task still remains: to build and implement the value added services to enable you to really make money from them. The challenge? To build a flexible, business-oriented services platform. The solution? Boost > M2M Integration: dedicated integration services combining expertise in portals, Business Intelligence systems and EAI. Bull’s greatest asset: expertise in services platforms, combined with in -depth business knowledge of telecoms, energy, transport, health and public services.

Operate your M2M infrastructures

In a fast-moving field like M2M, combining flexibility and service quality is essential. The solution? Boost > SmartM2M: a powerful M2M management platform, combining device management (remote access, read/write configuration parameters, business data gathering, firmware updates…) and service quality (operational devices inventory, logistics, provisioning, installation, activation, embedded software updates, Call Center, supervision, billing, on-site interventions and after-sales service…). Bull’s greatest asset: proven expertise in very large -scale projects involving millions of devices.

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