M2M - Internet of things

For more intelligent objects.
According to IDC, M2M is the ’next big opportunity’. Bull provides the best technology and the best expertise to build trust M2M platforms, powerful, agile and secure.

Although clients Bull are very different, they all share the same imperative to have systems with high performance and high security to innovate and grow faster than their competitors. Architect of an Open World, Bull has the unique ability to remain at the forefront of best global technologies, to make a powerful digital business development.

Bull helps Veolia Transdev to deploy advanced M2M systems

Veolia Trandev, leader in the public transport with 119,000 employees in 27 countries, entrusts Bull to deploy advanced M2M systems. Bull develops these systems for Veolia Trandev in order to provide new kind of mobility that is reliable and safe. Working with sector experts from the Veolia Trandev group, Bull has successfully embarked down this route. The challenge? To develop operational management systems for highly innovative transport systems, supported by a Geographic Information System combined with the very latest geo-location technologies. Developed by Bull, these kinds of M2M systems have been implemented by numerous local authorities. The result? Real-time bus fleet management, with dynamic computation to track vehicle movements for display at bus stops.

Bull supports Media Regie Europe for these advanced M2M systems

Media Regie Europe entrusts Bull to manage its new intelligent digital promotional spaces for metro and mainline stations in Paris. These advanced M2M systems are controlled by a solution that Bull developed and customized for the project. It guarantees high levels of billboard availability, automatically diagnoses the vast majority of faults remotely, and makes it easy to carry out software updates across these new-generation digital advertising screens. The result? An installed base of almost 1,000 highly reliable screens in stations, that have added a whole new and profi¬table driver for growth to MRE’s already very rich range of digital offerings (cinema advertising in 3D with Mediavision, digital ads posted on Velib spaces, etc.).


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