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For too long, CRMs have been heavy-handed tools, complex to use, unsuited to the company’s real business processes. With Bull and its new-generation CRM, becoming a completely customer-focused company finally becomes easy.

According to Gartner, most CRMs are now being overtaken by a new generation, social, that are going to turn the sales process upside down. The impact: a low effective level of use and limited commercial impact, etc. With the new-generation CRM, Bull offers you the possibility of becoming a completely customer-focused business. With the new-generation CRM, give yourself every advantage to retain your customers, sell more and gain more of them.

Towards a 360° vision of the customer

CRM nouvelle generation

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360° citizen
Serge Salasca
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Opinion piece by Serge Salasca, Manager responsible for Bull’s Citizen Relationship Management
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