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Changing ways of using mobile communications - brought about by the advent of smartphones and tablets in people’s private lives - is creating similar needs in the world of work: whether in businesses, government and even in the armed forces. As a result, corporate IT is coming under assault; to the extent that sometimes mass-market or personal devices are integrated by force into information systems (the BYOD, or bring your own device, phenomena). To address this need for secure mobile solutions, Bull offers TrustWay PPS, globull and sphone: a collection of fully certified mobile platforms.


  • Hoox
    Hoox is a range of secure mobiles and smartphones. Strong authentication, hardware encryption, communication ports : the entire phone is designed to preserve confidentiality.
    Hoox m2     
    Hoox m1
  • globull : Personal mobile security platform

  • TrustWay PPS : Personal protection system

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TrustWay products EAL Common Criteria certified and ANSSI approved.
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