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e-ris : the Bull Inland Revenue Intelligence Suite
e-ris is the intelligence suite designed and developed by Bull to assist fiscal authorities in achieving their mission.
It is founded on a simplified organisation with the “single counter” concept as corner stone, allowing to assign each taxpayer, according to its specific activity profile, with a relevant tax collector’s office able to manage its entire fiscal situation. Beyond the functionality designed to define the different taxes, e-ris performs the reconciliation of accounts between the fiscal authority, the treasury, the local authorities, the banks …. It can operate easily with the public accounts budget management software.


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e-ris Revenue Administration SuiteThe comprehensive software suite for tax authorities.
e-ris: product specificationA complete tax suite and toolset for all tax administration requirements.
e-ris, e-business for inland revenue White paper The challenge is to address service levels, attain revenue targets, promote voluntary compliance and at the same time, keeping the administration processes simple, neutral and fair.

The fiscal authorities are facing new challenges

As a consequence of a significant decrease in custom duties, indirect taxation and revenue taxation become the main source of state incomes.
The information systems to run such taxation should not impose limitations when it comes to modify the taxation in force. It must be devoted to the services development policy entered into by the fiscal authority, as part of a modernisation program in favour of the citizen.

The Administration intends to :

  • Develop services to taxpayers to help them better fill in their tax returns or structure their companies
  • Better manage the tax collection
  • Allocate more resources in fraud and tax avoidance control

Information technologies : what benefits for fiscal authorities ?

The fiscal authorities can take advantage of Information technologies to :

  • Automate data entry and audit tasks, thus limiting the risks of errors with claims and possible revenue loss
  • Better identify the taxpayers
  • Deploy more employees toward revenue generating tasks (audit, collection…)
  • Get immediate access to all the information pertaining to a taxpayer, with his account’s balance

e-ris key features

  • Comprehensive taxpayer management facilities. Exercise total control over registrations and verification of registration against all tax types – automatic cross-checking between tax types to track failure to register for all compulsory types of tax.

  • Detailed statistical analysis of the taxpayer base. Statistical analysis of taxpayers in terms of geographic location, industry, activity, revenue and payment trends. Greatly facilitates tax table and rate planning.

  • Comprehensive Tax Modules. Caters for income tax, employee tax, withholding taxes, sales tax, value added tax, Zakat, royalties and non-residents tax. Fully customisable to permit addition of new tax types via the tax rules engine.

  • Automated Assessments. Allows the reallocation of resources from non-revenue generating tasks to the audit and enforcement department.

  • On-Line submission of returns. Allow taxpayers to submit returns on-line, speeding up return delays and eliminating the need for the re-capture of data.

  • Exceptionally powerful enforcement module. Provides a powerful tax audit tool. Automatic selection of audit cases based on financial and economic variables.

  • Total security and access control. Exercise total control over levels of access, allow separation of the data entry and approval process, limit tax officials access based on sound internal audit and control principles.

  • Total financial control. Allows both accrual and cash based accounting with full general ledger and control accounts based on the double entry accounting system. Issue taxpayers with monthly statements of account consolidated for each tax type. Fully flexible management of interest and penalties.

  • Complete cash office and enforcement module. Includes a comprehensive cash office module to manage cash collections, reconciliation’s to fiscus and commercial banks, on-line transfers and collections of other non-tax payments on behalf of other government departments.

  • Oracle relational database provides full inter-changeability of data. Allow secure, read-only access to data for planning and “what-if” type analysis using Microsoft Office products.

e-ris has already been selected by a number of countries (Egypt, Namibia, Zambia, Botswana, Saudi Arabia …) to modernise their taxes management.


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Bull modernizes Egyptian tax administration
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e-ris, Bull's comprehensive solution for Tax Administrations improves the reliability and efficiency of the tax collection processes >