Using communications analysis for protection

Protection using communications analysis

A complete range of ELINT/ESM (land, sea, air) solutions designed using scalable technologies to provide both tactical and strategic level solutions.


  • ELIT: Radar interceptor designed for ELINT (electronic signals intelligence) interception, recording and analysis for radar-type very high bandwidth signals: tactical analysis of ELINT environments (location and tracking of radar plots) and technical analysis. technique.

  • ELAN: Radar recorded and analyzer, featuring the recording and analysis of signals using database intelligence.

  • OCSAR: Technical software analysis of radar recordings.

  • ELSIM: Radar simulator for realistic training of operational personnel. Pulse simulator allowing the output from any existing radar system to be reproduced.

  • CARACAL: Electronic warfare database management system, combining all the various types of information from different intercept sources into a single database.

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Executive opinion
Franck Greverie

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By Franck Greverie, Executive Vice-President Security Solutions, Bull