Intelligent reactive jammer

SHADOW : Intelligent reactive jammer

Shadow is an intelligent, reactive signal jamming solution: 

  • Shadow only activates when a threat is detected
  • Shadow provides constant surveillance across the entire radio spectrum
  • Shadow automatically blocks the signal, using optimized and highly responsive countermeasures
  • Shadow reduces personnel’s exposure to radiation
  • Shadow adapts to present threats, saving energy and preserving its power to block a large number of potential threats  

Unique technology available for many different applications.


Shadow solutions

  • Black Shadow : Smart reactive jammer dedicated to the protection of critical zones, military convoys or VIPs

  • Raid Shadow : : Lightweight and compact smart reactive jammer (weighing 22kg and the size of a rucksack) designed for Special Forces missions, mine clearance services (EOD) and small area protection such as check points.

  • ComJam : Tactical jammer for long distance communications.

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