Adapt an ERP to your business,
not the other way round.
Rely on Bull's dual business and technical skill-base and improve the performance of your assets. Benefit from it to reduce your operating costs and to comply with current regulations.

Financial, HR, supply chain, production… Today, ERP packages are at the very heart of most key business processes. But how do you ensure that they are aligned with business strategy, and that they will continue to perform well in the long term? ERP implementation and evolution projects are central to Bull's business: which is why we have built up such strong partnerships with major vendors including Oracle, SAP, Infor and others. How do we add value? By implementing highly effective ERP platforms, processes and organizational structures to support even the most business-critical projects. With Bull, your information systems can actively drive your business performance.

Consulting : Choose and customize the best ERP for your business

The decision to implement an ERP package will have a profound impact on your business, how it is organized, its business processes and information systems. The challenge is to achieve the right balance between business needs, technological options and the constraints you face, and then to define an integration strategy that minimizes risks to deliver optimum return on investment and total cost of ownership. Drawing on its dual business and technical expertise, Bull provides effective support for you in the earliest stages of your ERP project, through business consultancy, functional and technical consultancy, advice on choosing solutions, scoping studies, prototyping, overall and detailed design.

Integration : Build scalable ERP platforms

ERP implementation projects typically involve complex architectures and feature new technologies. The aim is to automate business processes, while maintaining effective control of the whole technical and functional environment in terms of the stability, performance, security and maintainability of the ERP. Working in close collaboration with your own teams, Bull consultants can carry out all or part of this implementation, end-to-end, bringing their business, functional and technical knowledge to bear at each stage in the project, with a clear commitment to infrastructure performance.
As 'Architect of an Open World', Bull has built up strategic partnerships with the main ERP vendors including Oracle, SAP and Infor, and has developed deep, combined functional, application and infrastructure expertise so as to design particularly powerful and secure ERP platforms for your business-critical projects.

Operations, outsourcing and support : Ensure your ERP is working for you 24x7

Once your ERP is up and running, your organization has to manage a constantly evolving situation: adding new modules, implementing new versions, tackling infrastructure updating projects... In parallel, you have to optimize what is already in place, improve performance, organize support for users and maintenance, all the while keeping costs under control. As a major player in outsourcing, Bull can host, operate and take charge of the evolution of your ERP system, either at its own large-scale Data Centers or at your site.

  • TFA (Task Force Administration): systems administration, operation, and maintenance in operational condition during the project phase, with commitment to results under fixed-price arrangements.
  • Support for systems administrators and users.
  • Third-party application maintenance, including corrective, evolutionary (versioning) and preventive maintenance through specific developments at your site or a shared Bull location, with commitment to results under fixed-price arrangements.
  • Hosting and operation from Bull's highly secure Data Centers: in particular, Bull is a certified SAP Hosting Partner.

Change Management : Ensure skill transfer and support end users

Much more than for many other IT projects, the successful implementation of ERP systems depends heavily on the human factor. For users, this not only means mastering a new system, but also adopting new working practices. As a specialist in change management, most notably through Bull Training, Bull can support you with targeted change management programs: taking into account the business impact on the organization and updating procedures, creating communications plans, providing support for users and training.


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