Adapt an ERP to your business,
not the other way round.
Rely on Bull's dual business and technical skill-base and improve the performance of your assets. Benefit from it to reduce your operating costs and to comply with current regulations.

In the industrial world or in the Public Sector, Bull and Microsoft combine their expertise and resources to supply their customers a powerful and complete solution, packed with functionalities appropriate to their business processes. Microsoft Dynamics AX meets present and future needs and supports you by integrating all new technologies combining electronic information exchanges, multi-channel processes mobility and simplicity of use, etc.

High-performing companies choose their data processing investments carefully, enabling them to achieve their strategic objectives: reducing costs, establishing in new markets, acquiring new customers, strengthening existing relationships and increasing their total sales in existing markets. Frequently, they know that increasing their investments will bring them the flexibility required to deal with economic uncertainties. A well-matched business management solution will give them the means to work quickly and efficiently, to manage growth and change, and to respond to market requirements.

In 2012, at the Convergence event at Houston in the USA, Bull and Microsoft announced a strategic worldwide agreement on Microsoft Dynamics. Bull will adapt Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions to the Local Authorities market and so become Microsoft ’Global ISV’.

Why choose Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and Bull:

Accelerate the return on your investment

Through rapid deployment and pre-integrated functionalities appropriate to industrial, distribution, services, retail trade and public sectors, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 helps you meet your business needs and enables you to be operational immediately. Rationalise your organisation from end to end with plentiful ERP functionalities, particularly for human resource management, financial management and compliance management. Easily meet your specific business needs suggested by the worldwide network of Microsoft partners. Bull will rely on this network for offer you packaged solutions.

Work rapidly and intelligently

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 can help you improve your productivity by offering personalised access based on role (information, tasks and business processes), as well as powerful decision-making functionalities. Increase your visibility to strategic data at your organisation’s scale using relevant performance indicators, self-service Business Intelligence functions and reporting that covers all your main business areas.

Win new markets

Take advantage of new opportunities by improving your visibility over the business and by developing your capacity to adapt. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 gives you unlimited analytical views over your business, so bringing you the visibility you need. Advanced modelling functionalities, and particularly the organisational model or workflow, help you manage change in terms of structure and business process within your organisation.

Support your international deployment

To develop your business, you have to deal with challenges specific to an international activity. With Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, expand your operations into new geographical areas with localised functions specific to each country, integrated into a single solution and meeting regulatory requirements in 36 countries. Share the same data, business rules and processes in all your organisation’s international and multi-site entities, to harmonise and rationalise your business practices. Support the growth of your business by adding users easily, increasing your traffic volume, or by configuring more complex business scenarios. Bull, worldwide company, will support you across your international projects.

Develop your competitive advantage

Differentiate your business compared to the competition. Being able to adapt your system rapidly to specific needs gives you a real advantage in the market. Layered architecture driven by models allow you to develop and easily maintain specific business processes, while simplifying migration to more recent versions. Bull product experts certified on Dynamics will bring their knowledge to support you as you grow.

Achieve buy-in from all your users

Your employees are looking for a solution offering a user experience that is both familiar and intuitive, that makes their work easier and is both user-friendly and easy to understand. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 lets you search, sort, display and use information though a user-friendly user interface similar to Microsoft Office. Work easily with your usual tools while sharing data between Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and Microsoft Office 2010®.

Log on and work together

Simplify connections between your employees, customers, suppliers and partners using built-in self-service collaborative functionalities. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 lets you rationalise collaboration across your entire value chain through supplier and customer portals, used as desired, based on Microsoft SharePoint®, and total integration of business processes through Sites Services. Simplify team-working within complex and extended logistics chains using adaptable Web services and sharing information easily by using collaborative tools.

Exploit all the power of the Microsoft platform

Interaction is the very core of our value proposal: it consists of interaction between ERP, business and office IT applications with communication solutions and the underlying technological platform, on site or in the Cloud. This is what we call generalised interoperability. With Microsoft Dynamics AX 2102, you benefit from a professional Microsoft solution supported by continuous research, development and innovation efforts. Benefitting from the support of an international network of specialised partners like Bull, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 uses all the power of the Microsoft platform to offer you a solution as simple as it is effective.

Ensure 24/7 operational support

Once your ERP is operational, your company has to master a changing background: addition of new modules, implementation of new versions, infrastructure renewal projects, etc. In parallel, it has to optimise existing systems, improve performance, organise support to users and maintenance, while controlling workloads. Bull is an essential player in IT outsourcing and hosts, operates and develops your ERP from its industrialised ’data centres’ or on customers’ sites.

  • TFA (Task Force Administration): administration, operation, MCO during the project phase, with undertakings to achieve results as part of a fixed price contract.
    Support to administrators and users.
  • TMA: corrective, development (upgrades) and preventative maintenance on specific developments on the customer site or Bull shared site, with undertakings to achieve results as part of a fixed price contract.
  • Hosting and operation from Bulls’ highly secure centres.


infogérance SAP
Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

By combining comprehensive ERP with purpose-built industry capabilities, this single powerful solution delivers value across your business quickly, the agility to maximize opportunities in a changing market, and the simplicity to drive innovation— today and tomorrow.

Gouvernance SAP
Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for Manufacturing Organizations

A comprehensive solution for managing discrete, process, and lean manufacturing.

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